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Journal American Aviation Historical Society
                   52/1 Spring 2007

DHC L-20 Beaver US Army & USAF
                     ops n Alaska hist CPcov PA
Edwin C. Musick (US Pan Am
                         Clipper pi 30s) bio PDA
Confederate responses to
            Union balloon ops n CivWar PA
DH Mosquito F-8 ops w USAAF hist PDA
Douglas Weilandcraft (US g-effect
                                 trans proto) hist PDA
Bill Yeager (US) ac photo surv PA bio
PBM 1950s incident w MiGs PDA ca
Curtiss-Wright XA-43 (4jet proj) 3v il A
Stinson Voyager 1947 broch repro A il
Spartan Executive cpit dashbd CPD ibc







jassum07.jpg (102561 bytes)
Journal American Aviatiion Historical Society
22/2 Summer 2007

Aeronca hist CPcov PA
Aeronca C-3 NC12407
             rest of Hammond CP
US cargoglider hist PA
Frankfort SCG-1 A
Frankfort SCG-2 A
Waco CG-3 PA
Waco CG-4 PA
Waco CG-15 PA
St. Louis Ac XCG-5 PA
St. Louis Ac XCG-6 A
Bowlus XCG-7 PA
Bowlus XCG-8 PAS
1932 Nat Air Races
           photos by Emil Strasser Psurv
Newark (New Jersey)
               International Airport hist PA
B-17G "Sentimental Journey"
                     if Cinnen AF hist PA
Bourdon/Viking ac co hist PA
Bourdon Kitty Hawk (2s bip 20s)
Viking B-4 Kitty Hawk
                (same as Bourdon) 3v PA
Viking V-2 (2s push bip flybt) 3v PA
DHC Beaver Volpar tprop conv
                                for USFFS hist PA
Cessna 120/140 factory
                             broch reprint PA
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Journal American Aviation Historical Society

                                         51/3     Fall 2007

Douglas DC-5 hist CP fcov PD ca indiv ac hist 3v Dil
US Army cargo glider hist PDA
G&A Ac XCG-9 il A
Laister-Kauffman XCG-10 PA
Stead & Company XCG-11 A
Read-York XCG-12 A
Waco CG-13 PDA
General Airborne Transport MC-1 PA
General Airborne Transport XCG-16 PA
Douglas XCG-17 (based on C-47) PA
Douglas XCG-19 (hw trilg)
Chase XCG-14 PA
Chase XCG-18 PA
Chase XCG-20 PA
Waco CG-4A rest at USAF Mus CP
T-28 desert bone yard in Nevada PA
Curtiss C-46 hist PDA
Sid Bradd Photo Collection surv P+
RB-66C "Gulf One" loss & crew rescue in Viet War PA Dil
American Gyro AG-4 Crusader (2e twin-boom tadr ltpln 30s) hist PA ca
Gardner Trophy Air Races 1929 hist PA
Taylorcraft BC-12D factory broch reprint PA


Journal AAHS   51/4    Winter 2007

     Boeing KC-1365 50 year hist CP(cov) Cil PA
     Sikorsky S-40 Amphibion hist 3v PDA Dil
     Emil Strasser airplane photos Psurv
     Bell P-39 hist PA
     Douglas A3D early production testing PDA
     Douglas R4D-5S ASW trng ac P
     engine turbo-supercharger devel hist to first op’l use PA

     2006 National C’ship Races at Reno, NV PA
     OPERATION SUNSHADE USAF Reserve Cuban Missile Crisis ops PA
     Ercoupe brochure reprint PA
     poem Heading West
     Lockheed P-3 forest fire bbr CP


Journal AAHS     45/4     Winter  2000
     Harry S. Gann (US) obit PA
     Tupolev Tu-4 (B-29 copy) hist PA
     Luscombe UC-90 flying in WW2 mem ill A
     C-47 anecdotes PA
     Atlas ICBM radio guidance system testing in ac PA
     Grumman C-2A hist PA
     Columbia CAL1 Uncle Sam (hw lr mono) PA corr
     Consolidated PB-2A 5v xs ca
     Messerschmitt speed record attempts in 30s PA
     Piedmont A/l PA
     90th Photo Recon Wing WWII mem PA
     Beckley College School of Aviation first class PA
     Air Transport plane development 1940-45
       ''  C-46 . . . C-47 . . . C-60
     Ac of FAA and predecessors 1940-44 PA
     Gann, Harry S. (US) PA bio

Journal AAHS     45/3     Fall 00
     B-737 of Air Cal Cpcov
     Bellanca 28-92 (trimotor r) PA
     Seversky SEV-DS PA . . .SEV-2 3v PA and AP PA
     Douglas B-26 at old Clark Field, the Phillipines Psurv
     Lockheed Vega flown by GE 1946-64 PDA
     Luscombe UC-90 flying in WW2 mem ill PA
     B-29 testing with R-3350 mem PA
     NASA M2-F2 Lifting Body last flight PA il
     Sundowner Alouette midget r 80s 6v
     Air Cal hist PA
     Air transport ac devel 1934-39 -- all PA 
        ' '  Douglas C-32 . . . dit C-34. . . dit C-39 . . . dit C-41 . . . dit C-42
        ' '   Fairchild XC-31 . . . Beech  C-43 . . . dit C-45
        ' '   Lockheed XC-35 . . . Lockheed C-36 . . . Lockheed C-40
     PSA (Pacific Southwest Airlines) hist PA   

 Journal AAHS     45/2    Summer 00
     Monocoupe Monosport of Bowman & Roberts 6v
     P-80s n Project Comet   PDA
     early US jet engine development hist  ca
     Goodyear inflatable airplanes hist  PD A
     Bureau of Air Commerce Department of COmmerce ac 1934-38 PA list
     Fairchild 24W of Bureeau of Air Commerce CP  cov
     Fairchild Pegasus satellite PA Dil
     (NOTE: AeroKnow focuses almost exclusively on machines and people connected to human flight in air and              space. Satellites, ground to ground missiles and individuals who contributed beyond these parameters are              included only in the Journal content listing as a courtesy to the American Aviation Historical Society.)
     Luscombe UC-90 ops in Panama during W2  mem PA
     DC-3A  N130Q  on floats  P
     Skylark Mfg. Co. Skylark (4S lw trilg push ltpln) P
     Boeing 314 special missions ops PA
     Sigismund Levanevsky disappearance and search forPA

 Journal AAHS     45/1     Spring 00
     Monocoupe 110 Special 5v Dil
     Aeronautics Branch, Department of Commercce hist PA list
     Martin 404 ops w Eastern Al PA
     GE I-16 early jet engine hist ill A
     Fairchild hist PA
     USAAC early air transport ac 1930-1933 PA
     Noordyn Norsman ops n Israel AF PA serials
     Lockheed ac designs never built PA 3v Dil
     Luscombe "Junior" UC-90 flying n Central American W2 PA il

 Journal AAHS     44/4     Winter 1999
     Wilson "Baby Cyclone" (m r 1956-69) 5v
     F-8J w VF-194 CP cov
     USAAC air transport development 1917-1929 PA ill
     Joseph Richard "Dick" Spano (US test pilot) bio PA
     Martin RB-57A and RB-57D n R o China AF PA
     Vought Ac production 1917 – 1947 1948 – 1965 PA list
     altitude sickness and oxygen masks American combat crew experiences PDA
     Lockheed designs never built PA 3v
     Douglas DB-8A/3N n Dutch AF PA
     Luscombe UC-90 "Junior" flying n Central America W2 PA il
     Monte Copter (US heli) P
     General Airborne Transport XCG-16 A corr 3v

 Journal AAHS     44/3     Fall 99
     Morss "Video Cassutt" (US m r 1988-89) 5v
     Douglas DWC 3v PA
     Umbaugh 18 (US gyrocopter) PA
     Martin 404 w TWA ops indiv ac hists PA
     Lockheed ac never built PA 3v
     Goodyear current blimp ops PA
     B-47 hist PDA
     B-45 loaned to GE PA
     C-82 civ ac & serials list corr
     Mosquito delivery to Israel missing in transit PA
     Frank Lowell Titel (US pilot W2) bio PA
     trans-world flight by DWCs in 1924 PA

 Journal AAHS     44/2     Summer 1999
     Hurlburt "Hurricane" (US m r 1947-48) 6v
     Horten (US) Wingless (2e trilg hb) P
     Robert Granville "Baby" (US m r 1948) 6v
     Richard S. Boutelle (CEO Fairchild) bio PA
     Glenn Martin – when did he fly? bio PA
     Martin, Glenn L. first airplane 3v PA
     Ann Baumgartner Carl (US WASP test pilot) ops at Wright Field bio
     Harold G. Martin (US av photographer) bio PA
     Stearman 1996 fly-in PA
     Lockheeds designed but not built PA 3v ill
     United Al ops w jets CP cov PA inventory lists
     Americans activities w China mil av 1929-49 PA

 Journal AAHS      44/1      Spring 1999
     Me-262 at Freeman Field CP cov
     Fokerts "Mono Special" (1929-31 US m r) 5v
     Fairchild C-82 PDA ca serials Dil
     Lockheed ac never built PA 3vs il
     Stearman LT-1 (1e bip lt trans) P
     P-47 fast dives corr
     Curtiss P-40G hist PA
     Consolidated XR2&-1 (4e hw trans) PA 3v
     Consolidated PBY ops & post war mods PDA
     Air Disarmament Div. USAAF activities PA
     Kansas City, MO Municipal Airport 1947-48 Psurv
     Americans involved w China mil av 1929-1949 PA
     Igor Sikorsky activities w Pan American Al bio PA
     Korean War US airfield K and J numbers PA list

Journal AAHS      43/4      Winter 1998
     Swifty R. (m r 1958) 6v
     Slow Poke (m r 1953) 5v
     C-46 CP cov
     C.W. Webster selling aviation n South America (US) bio PA
     C-130 Task Force Slide ski testing PD A
     B-17 early ops w RAF hist PA
     Tom Benoist (US av pioneer pilot) bio PA
     P-39 ops w Russia AF n W2 PA
     P-39D n RAF 4v xs
     1st Combat Air Cargo Sqdn n W2 PA
     Jerome C. Hunsaker 1913-1916 research at MIT bio PA

Journal AAHS     43/3     Fall 1998
     Schroeder "Rare Bird" (m r 1953) 6v
     C-47 ops n modern US Army PDA
     Ollie E. Harris (US ftr pilot) rescue from Eng Chan W2 PA il
     TWA DC-3 flt observation of Alomogordo, NM atomic test in 1945 PA
     B-52 crash in Minnesota memorial to crew PA
     Grumman SA-16 tests of steerable JATO boost PDA
     A-20 1st 8th AF mission in ETO PA
     Robert Wilson Fausel (mem) flying n China mem PA
     Vultee A-35 ops w Brazil AF PA
     Waco HTO N4N indiv ac hist PA
     Charlie Taylor (US) early Wright engine specialist PA Dil

Journal AAHS     43/2     Summer 1998
     Harris "Dillusion" (US m r 19887-88) 5v
     Air Transport Command hist PA
     coastwatcher rescue of downed USN airmen at Guadalcanal 1942 PA
     Lockheed XR6O Constitution post service ferry project mem PDA
     PBY sales efforts to England PDA
     Fleetwings F501 Sea Bird test flying PDA 3v
     FIDO fog dispersal ops at airfields W2 PDA
     Brewster Buffalo hist PA
     243 Sqdn RAFops w Buffalo PA
     67 Sqdn RAF ops w Buffalo PA
     Martin MB-2 mid-air coll w American Fokker D.VII 1922 PA
     C-54 n Weather Test "Centre" P corr
     RAF B-17 early crews list A corr
     USAAF project numbers A corr
     Curtiss-Wright CW-32 (4e trans propo) 3v
     Kelly "Fid" (US m r) 5v

Journal AAHS     43/1    Spring 1998
     "Sump’N Else" (US m r 1983-1984) 6v
     early TBD ops n So Pac PDA
     Jimmy Mattern (US) bio PA
     Fokker 228 (propo short range al) PDA Dil 3v
     P-47C dives – how fast did it go? PA
     Al Williams (US pilot) bio PA
     Maj. Horace S. Carswell (US MOH winner pilot) bio PA
     Custer Channel Wing ac hist PDA
     Custer CCW-5 Channel Wing (2e lt trans) 3v PDA
     Consolidated XPB2Y-1 P
     Shannon-Buente "Special" (US m r 1940) 6v

Journal AAHS     42/4     Winter 97
     Hanes "Hornet" (US m r 1947 – 1952) 5v
     Jimmie Mattern (US pilot) diary PA
     Ray Johns hb ac designs & bio
     Ray Johns Rason Warrior (5s mono) 3v P D A
     Ray Johns Air Sport (1s para) PA
     Ray Johns Tornado J V (2s bip) PA
     James M. Cox Int’l Airport, Dayton, OH hist PA
     Fairchild ac designs never built ill A 3v
     famous student pilots PA
     early blind landing developments PA il
     C-53 crash & rescue n Switz 1946 PA
     Edward Korn (US early aviator) bio PA
     Milton Korn (Ed’s brother, early aviator) bio PA
     Frank W. "Spig" Wead (US pilot) bio PA
     aviators who won Medal of Honor research project PA list
     Curtiss A-18 (2e attack) P
     Wilson "Sky Mouse" (m r US 1980 – 83) 6v

Journal AAHS      42/3     Fall 97
     Transcontinental Air Transport, Inc. PA
     Ruth Law (US pilot) PA
     Stinson 10-A NC34639 last flight
     Martin 404 ops w TWA PA
     Martin 202 ops w TWA PA
     Stearman PT-17 hist PA
     Jimmy Mattern diary PA
     Lockheed Vega of Jimmy Mattern PA 4v
     Bell XFM-1 Aircuda PA
     Bellanca C-27 33-27 loss n accident PA
     Burnelli lifting body trans corr il
     Loving WR-1 "Love" (US m r 1950 – 64) 5v DIl
     Glenn Curtiss trials w Langley Aerodrome (manned ac) PA
     Waco CG-4A at Dover AFB mus PA
     poem The Sky Was Never Still corr
     Sixth AF flight casualties list A corr

 Journal AAHS     42/2      Summer 97
     Curtiss XP-60 5v Dil
     Maddux Al ops 1927-29 PA
     Ford Tri-Motor w Maddux Al PD A
     Jimmy Mattern diary PA
     P-51 design analysis PA
     post W2 transport ac & projects surv PA ill
     F-100A Project Slick Chich recon effort PA
     Do-335 display at Neubiburg, Europe 1945 PA
     XP-40 marsubial cooling system PA
     T-33 n Mexico AF serials A corr
     Burnelli ac corr
     New Standard crop dusters P corr
     Curtiss CR-3 5v
     US atomic-powered airplane development Dil A
     Women’s Class A Pacific Derby 1930 PA
     Orville Wright’s last flight in 1944 PA
     Everett Wasson (US bush pilot) loss in Canada bio PA

Journal AAHS     42/1     Spring 97
     Curtiss CW-32 (4e trans propo) 3v
     Burnelli designs hist PA
     Burnelli-Carisi Biplane (push) 3v A
     Burnelli UB-14 PDA
     Cancargo Ac Co (Canada built) CBY-3 3v PA
     Burnelli CB-8 (2 tprop trans propo) 3v
     Burnelli 1947 jet fighter design 3v A
     Occidental 100 (2e trans propo) 3v A
     Burnelli GB-888 (propo canard al propo) 3v A
     Douglas AD Skyraider hist CP cov PA ca Dil
     Roger Jannus (US pilot) bio PA
     Jimmie Mattern bio PA
     T-33 ops n Mexico AF PA
     Travel Air B6C Special (1925 spt bip) 5v
     Northrop XP-56 PDA 3v xs

Journal AAHS      41/4     Winter 96
     Northrop XP-56 CP cov hist PDA ca 3v xs Dil
     Grumman Widgeon 3v
     Brewster Buffalo hist PA
     1st instrument landing system n US PA
     aviation manuscript collections PA
     RB-45C ops n Korean War with Detachment 2 3v
     Winston-Salem, NC airport hist PA
     B-29 decoy ac blt by Japan PA
     Ed Allenbaugh "Californian" 5v
     Claire Chennault role in China al devel PA

Journal AAHS      41/3     Fall 96
     Curtiss-Wright XP-55 3v PDA
     P-51 technical development CP cov PA Dil
     Curtis LeMay, SAC and Korean War hist PA
     devel of av n American west 1908 – 1945 PA
     New Standard hist PA ac blt list and dispos
     Charles Healy Day (US founder of New Standard) bio PA
     Day Model A "Errant" (bip 2a 1931)3v
     DC-3s used by AAF n service Feb 44 list corr
     "Barbara Jean" (US m r ) 5v

Journal AAHS     41/2     Summer 96
     Boeing PW-9 4v Dil
     Robert R. "Colonel" McCormick ac owned bio PA
     Fred Borsodi (USN pilot) PA
     640 By Accident poem A
     Curtiss early engines PDA
     Curtiss XP55 hist PA devel 3vs 3v
     Curtiss-Wright CW-24B CP cov 3v PA
     Zemke "Fan" combat tactic PA il
     Hiller XROE-1 Rotorcycle PA list
     Wright Hydroaeroplane School hist PA
     Wright CH (bip fltpln) PA
     Hanes "Hornet" 5v

Journal AAHS     41/1    Spring 96
     F9F-5 Panther 3v xs
     F9F-6 Cougar 3v xs
     Grumman ac blt up to May 1994 PA list
     Grumman Ag-Cat 3v xs
     Sikorsky H-19 ops n Vietnam 1957
     Fairchild XAQ-1 Lark (gmis) AP
     Vultee XP-54 3v PA ca Dil prep
     SAC tail mkgs PA Dil
     Ercoupe flight w/o prop to demonstrate JATO PA
     NYRBA Al publicity efforts PA il



Journal AAHS      40/4     Winter 95
     P-51D racer #69 "Miss Candace" 4v
     USAAF Request for Data R40-C
     Republic P-47A (liquid-cooled engine propo) 3v A
     Douglas XP-48 (lt ftr propo) 3v A
     Bell Model 13 ftr propo 3v A
     Curtiss-Wright CP40-1/2 ftr propo 3v A
     Curtiss-Wright Model P248-A ftr propo 3v A
     Curtiss-Wright P249-C canard ftr propo 3v A
     McDonnell Model 1 2e ftr propo 3v ca
     Northrop Model N-2 push ftr propo 3v A
     Republic AP-12 ftr propo 3v ca
     Vultee Model 70 push twin-boom ftr propo 3vA
     Kreider-Reisner production 1927-29 PA list
     post W2 trainer competition PA
     Fairchild XNQ-1 PA
     Temco T-35 PA
     Beech T-34 PA
     Robert Granville B.G. "Baby" (US m r 1948) 6v
     Grumman C-1 Trader PDA 3v ca
     Grumman ac blt by May 1994 PA list
     "Watson’s Whizzers" evaluations of Germ ac after W2 PA
     Mexico Naval Av hist PA

Journal AAHS     40/3   Fall 95
     Grumman F3F-2 rest CP cov
     Ross Northrop "Northrop Special" (US m r) 6v
     Operation Lusty US eval of Germ ac after W2 PA
     USAF Hill Field, UT 1949
     transAtlantic flight 1938 – 1945 PA
     B-24 ops n Italy W2 incident PA
     Hiller FH-1100 heli hist PDA ca Dil 3v list
     Frank P. Bostrom (US 17 pilot) obit A
     Grumman ac built by May 1994 PA list
     Douglas DC-7 hist 3v PA
     Curtiss-Wright CW-32 mockup P corrr

Journal AAHS      40/2     Summer 95
     Knight Twister Imperial 5v
     Hiller OH-5A hist PDA
     32nd TFS ops n Caribbean PA
     Charles F. Walsh (US early pilot) bio PA
     Operation Dusty Watson Whizzers ops AAF recov & test of Germ ac after war PA
     Fairchild 22 (1e 2s para ltpln) PA
     US ac found n China 1945 PA
     trans-Atlantic flight 1938 – 1945
     Kathryn (Bernheim) Fine WASP flying experience PA
     B-36 dedication at Castle AFB PA corr
     Lockheed X-26B 3v A corr
     Gary Hobler "Mariah" (US m r) 6v

Journal AAHS     40/1     Spring 95
     Loving WR-1 "Love" (US m r) 5v
     Fairchild 45 4s ltpln PDA 3v
     Douglas B-26 "My Mary Lou" civ rest PA
     Boeing PB-1 ops n USN & USCG PA serials list
     Curtiss O-52 hist PD A 3v
     Curtiss P-40 ops n New Zealand AF list corr
     Boeing 307 w TWA flying incident PA
     Schroeder "Rare Bird" (US m r) 5v
     Florence Klingensmith (US pilot) bio PA
     Edward J. Horkey (US ac eng) mem PA
     Richard A. Henson (US pilot) PA bio
     Operation Lusty USAAF WW2 PA
     104th FG, Mass ANG hist PA

Journal AAHS     39/4     Winter 1994
     Weaver Special (m r 1947-48) 6v
     Vultee V-11 P&W engine test ac CP cov
     Vultee engine test ac n W2 PA
     DH Mosquito ops w Jack Ammann Photogrammetric Engineers (US) PDA
     US Army pilot traning problems at North Island, CA PA
     Aero Commander L-26 PA
     Aero Commander U-4 PA
     Aero Commander U-9 PA
     Hiller H-23 Raven hist PA il 3v serials
     Curtiss N2C-1 n USNR P
     Lockheed Serious of Lindberghs dunking n China PA cor
     Curtiss-Wright WW2 to present hist PA
     "Gold Dust" ex-Miss Cleveland (m r 1974-1989 6v
     Grumman F3F-1 loaned to a movie producer PD A
     Consolidated LB-30 of Confed AF "Diamond Lil" indiv ac PA
     early blind flying described PA
     Esther Combes Vance (US civ pilot) bio PA

Journal AAHS      39/3     Fall 1994
     Nemesis (m r 1991) 4v
     Standard Airlines (US) hist PA
     Fairchild J44 jet engine his PA ca
     Mosquitoes flown n Bendix race PA
     Hiller XROE-1 Rotorcycle PDA 3v
     Ford 2AT (1e trans) PA
     Richard L.R. Atcherley (Eng) at 1932 National Air Races, PA
     Aero Commander L-26 PA
     Aero Commander U-4 PA
     Aero Commander U-9 PA
     US air victories n Korean War PA
     Canadair CL-13A (Canadian-blt Sabre) N8686F Boeing chase plane CP cov 2v PA
     Lockheed Q-Star (low noise recon proto) PDA
     Curtiss XP-60C 3v

Journal AAHS     39/2     Summer 1994
     North American FS-1 (flying flight simulator) CP cov PA
     Douglas XB-43 hist PA 3v
     Chalmers H. Goolin 1986 speech bio PA
     Lyle S. Mitchell (US) av photographer) bio PA
     Browning .30 cal ac machine gun 4v
     airborne air mail pickus PA
     Bell P-59 crashes PA
     Bell XP-83 crash PA
     Fairchild AC-119 PDA
     Piper NE-1 (USN Cub) wo l.g. hung from a USN blimpj P
     Kenney "Fandango" 5v
     DH Mosquito civ EC-AKH n Spain p W 2 PA
     Civilian Pilot Training at Parks Air College PA

Journal AAHS     39/1     Spring 1994
     Wittman "Buster" 6v
     McDonnell Model 120 heli Aerial Jeep CP cov PD A Dil pros 3v
     air mail in flight pickup PA Dil
     Paul E. Garber (US historian) bio AP
     B-17 raid on Bremen, Germ W2 PA mem
     Northrop N-9M flight testing PA
     Martin Model 187 Baltimore dive tests PA
     Did USN almost sabotage the Doolittle raid on Japan? PA

Journal AAHS     38/4     Winter 1993
     Jimmy Doolittle obit PA
     Northrop N-9M hist CP cov PDA Dil 5v xs ca
     in-flight simulator development at Dryden test facility PDA
     Convair C-131 mod for in-flight simulation PA
     Voisin bip w Rinek V-8 PDA
     Fairchild C-119A PA
     Special Air Unit (USAAC) ops n China W2 PA
     Len Povey (US) bio PA
     FW-190A n nat metal finish n US mkgs ovr Wash DC 1944 P
     Cosmic Wind "Minnow" mod 1939 (m r US) 5v

Journal AAHS      38/3     Fall 1993
     C.C. Flagg "Flagship (US r 1937) 6v
     Light Aircraft Development Co. "San Diego Flagship" (r 1938) 6v dil
     Boeing 307 and TWA PD A 3v
     Hawke Crop Duster (1e hw agri 1931) PD A 3v 4v ca
     Douglas C-118/R6D (mil DC-6) PA 3v
     Bell XFL-1 Airbonita PDA 4v xs
     WASP fatalities n W2 PA
     C-119J PDA Dil
     American pilots fighting for China 1937-40 PA

Journal AAHS     38/2     Sum 93

     Beech T-34B w US Forest Service 5v
     Herbert Arthur "Bert" Dargue (US early pilot) bio PA
     Cessna AT-17/UC-78 PA serials 3v
     searching for the enemy after Pearl Dec 7 PA
     C-119F n USN/MC ops assignments PA list
     Edna Gardner Whyte (US) bio PA
     F4B-4 rest CP cov hist PA 5v xs
     DC-6 hist PA 3v
     Boeing 40-B mem PA
     Claud C. Flagg "Pretor En Parvo" (US r 1930) 5v

Journal AAHS     38/1     Spring 1993
     Beech T-34B USN trnr mkgs 5v
     McDonnell XV-1 hist CP cov PDA Dil 3v ca
     Curtiss XP-87 hist PDA
     Tulsa Primary Flight School n WW2 PA
     Convair 880 ferry flight from Mojave Airport PDA
     Fairchild endless track landing gear PA Dil
     Douglas DC-6 hist PA
     Marc A. Mischer bio PA
     Lloyd Butz "Butz Special" (US r) 5v

Journal AAHS     37/4     Winter 1992
     Alden Brown "Brown Special" (r US 1932-34) 5v
     flying North American Aviation bbrs mem PA
     Fairchild PT-19 hist PDA
     post W2 ac disposal at Kingman Field, AZ PA
     Douglas DC-4/C-54/R5D hist
     Santa Maria Primary Flying School hist PA
     William Winter (modeler/editor) bio PA
     Convair C-131H Total In-flihg Sumulator P
     TF-86F P
     Waco CG-4A tow across Atlantic PD A corr
     Command Air "Little Rocket" ( US r 1930-32) 5v

 Journal AAHS     37/3     Fall 1992
     Gordon Isreal "Red Head" (US r 1934) 5v
     Gordeon Isreal "Red Head" (US r 1932033) 5v
     C-123 hist CP cov PDA 3v Dil
     Luscombe  UC-90 hist PA
     Laister-Kauffmann CG-10 Trojan Horse (US cargo glider) PDA 3v
     Lloyd C. Stearman ops w Inland Aviation PA
     P-51 n USAAF crashes in the Netherlands PA list
     DC-3 drafted n2 AAF PA
     Dallas Primary Flight School n W2 PA
     Ju-52 "Aconcagua" in Latin American service PA
     Capt. William A. Shomo (US MOH winner) bio, P-51 flown 2v A
     L-19 w extra-large tires PA Dil
     Boeing 417 (propo 2e hw trans) corr ca Il

 Journal AAHS     37/2     Summer 1992
      Granville Bros. Model D (US r 30s) 4v
     Granville Bros. Model E (US r 30s) 4v Dil
     Cpl. Walter S. Williams diary of service n 25th Aero Sqdn ASAS AEF bio PA
     upside down flying rivalry 1933 between Lt. Tito Falconi (Italy) and Milo Burcham (US) PA
     320th B.G. USAF hist PA
     Sylvanus Albert Reed (US inventor) PA
     Curtiss mfg at Columbus, OH PA
     Fairchild M-84 (US ltpln 1945) PA
     Douglas XB-42 hist PD A ca Dil 3v
     Langley Memorial Aero Lab serving there mem PA
     Glendale Primary Flight Training School n W2 PA

Journal AAHS     37/1     Spring 1992
     Waco ATO 3v
     Martin B-26 early ops CP cov PDA
     Northrop BT-1 PDA 5v xs Dil
     DC-8 supersonic dive PA
     Lockheed Orion of Wiley Post-Will Rogers PDA
     97th B.G. hist & nose art PA
     Boeing P-12 first one PA pro
     B-25 civ ops with Bendix PDA
     B-24 variants, serials and names
     Fairchilx XC-31 (1e trans) PDA 3v
     Curtiss CR-3 (bip fltpln r) 5v
     Clyde Wilbur Ice (US early pilot) bio PA
     Lincoln Primary Flight School n W2 PA

Journal AAHS      36/4     Winter 1991
     Arthur Raymond Brooks (US WW1 pilot) obit PA
     B2C early trials CP cov PA
     P-51C cap & tested n Japan W2 PA cor
     L.W. Brown Co. "Miles-Atwood Special" 6v
     Harry F. Kelsey life as a Bell Ac engineer mem PA
     ANG special warfare ops 1963 – 1975 PA
     95th B.G. operational ac assigned to PA indiv ac hists
     Constellation early TWA ops PDA
     Tuscaloosa civil primary flying school 1939-45 PA

Journal AAHS      36/3     Fall 1991
     Laird LC-DW 300 "Solution" 4v
     Fairchild F-27 hist indiv ac users list PDA
     Cessna UC-78 n Dday stripes at Normandy 1944 P
     Granville Bros Gee Bee Model X r (1930) 5v
     US parachute litigation 1930 PA
     Curtiss-Wright plant n Columbus, OH 1940 – 1950 hist PA
     Pan American Aw ops n Aftrica hist PA
     Constellation early ops w TWA PA
     San Diego Primary Flight School hist PA

Journal AAHS     36/2     Summer 1991
     Waco Nine 3v xs
     Evelyn Sharp (US pilot) bio AP
     Lloyd Stearman (US bio) PA
     Stearman MP (1e propo 1968) 3v A
     Constellation early hist PA
     F8F "Rare Bear" civ r CP cov PA
     Fairchild Goose (decoy g mis) PA
     Waco CTO Taperwing 6v ca Dil
     Knight Twister Imperial (hb bip 1970 –1990) 6v
     Chicago Primary Flight School n W2 PA
     ac  maintenance n USAAF n W2Merle Olmsted mem PA
     search & rescue ops n CBI 1943-45 PA

Journal AAHS     36/1     Spring   91
     Vultee BT-13 CP cov
     Waco (bip 1166 on tail) 3v
     USAAC/AAF civil primary flying schools 1939-45 PA
     28th Bombardment Wing hist PA
     impact of technology on US fighter ac design PA
     The Variable Stability Airplane PA
     Convair C-131 Total In-Flight Simulator 3v AP ca
     Loening PW-2A (hw 1e ftr) P
     PBY   P surv
     Yak-11 US mod for racing 1987 5v
     Harold B. Harris (US) early use of parachute to escape a plane in trouble bio PA




Journal AAHS     35/4    Winter  90
     Challenger C-2 (Kreider-Reisner KR-31) sport bip 3v xs
     Vultee A-31 and A-35 CP cov PDA
     Fairchild SD-35 surveillance drone PA
     Gregory Boyington (US MOH winner) bio PA
     Charles Leland Webber (US) bio PA
    B-24 nose art names, serials assignments PA
     Curtiss-Wright St. Louis plant hist PA
     American Gyro AG-4 Crusader (US 2e twin boom ltpln 30s) PDA Dil
     110th T.R.S ops over Japan PA
     F-4E MiG kills PA corr
     F7F comment PA corr
     Long "Long Gone Mong"

Journal AAHS 35/3 Fall 90
     Douglas DC-7C CP cov
     Rex Robbins racer (US r 1932-34) 4v
     Fairchild Porter PDA 3v Dil
     Fairchild "Super" Porter gunship propo PA Dil
     trans-ocean flight fatalities PA
     first Women’s Air Derby re-creation 60th anniv PA list
     US civil ac registers hist PA
     proposed mil unit competition n Belgium 1920 il A
     trans-Atlantic a. flight 1945-1984
     Short S-32 (propo 4e trans) 3v
     DH Comet IV 3v Dil
     Boeing 707-300 3v Di
     P-47 crashes in Neth PA
     2nd Obs Sqdn USAACops in Philippines 1931-32 & insig PA Dil
     early ANG ops n Nebraska PA il
     B-26 ops n Korea War article corrections corr
     DB-7B crash n Calif article crash corrections corr
     Yakovlev Yak-11 mod for racing at Reno 1987 4v

Journal AAHS      35/2     Summer  90
     Northrop XP-56 3v xs
     trans-Atlantic flight 1926—45 PA
     Hindenburg diri PA Dil
     Grumman F7F flying mem PA
     Air Utility Cargo Co. AU-18 Aerial Truck (2e trans proto 1949) PDA
     Detroit Ac Co. ZMC-2 metal-clad blimp hist PA
     Aero Commander 520 hist indiv ac hist PA
     RR Merlin powered racers hist PA
     1st car to airplane transfer at air show 1920 P A Dil
     Ed Heinemann (US designer) bio PA
     International F-17 (US civ 1e bip) PA
     International F-18 (US civ 1e bip) PA
     Internatiional triplane (2e) PA
     Charles A. Rector (US pilot) bio PA
     Lockheed Vega 5B "Lituanica II" 3v

Journal AAHS      35/1     Spring 1990
     P-51D #69 N79111 racer 4v Dil
     Douglas DB-7/A-20 hist Cpcov PA 3v pros Dil
     B-1 toilet problem PD A
     Aero Commander 520 hist PDA 3v
     Me-262 combat with 357th F.G. P-51s PA
     DC-2 ops w TWA PA ca
     Seversky AP-7 of Jackie Cochran 4v
     Seversky AP-9 1930 mod 5v
     Northrop Model 2-G Racer 6v

Journal AAHS      34/4     Winter 89
     P-39 of RAF   CP cov
     Bell XFL-1 4v xs PA
     Bell aircraft first flights PA
     Aeromarine 39B 4v xs
     USMC parachute trng 1940-44 PA
     US Army barrage balloon program PA
     Fairchild VZ-5FA Fledgling STOL research PA
     Burbank, CA airport hist PA
     410th B.W. hist & modern nose art on B-52s, KC-135 PA
     Wedell-Willams Air Service Corp. air racingPA
     Curtiss P-40 42-105202 w many nose art changes PA
     USAAF glider construction n W2
     F3D combat w Russian jets n KorWar PA
     Waco UPF-7 5v xs Dil

Journal AAHS     34/3     Fall 89
     ear Jet Model 23 number 1 CP cov PD A
     T-6 racer of Ben Hall 4v Dil
     squadron names procedure explained A
     115th Obs Sqdn ac list PA
     USN ac lend-leased to Latin America PA
     Berlin Airlift PA
     Wedell Williams Air Service Corp. air racing hist PA
     Fairchild XC-120 PA Dil
     340th B.G. n Italy destroyed by Vesuvius PA
     Seversky SEV-S2 of Frank Fuller 1937-39 5v

Journal AAHS     34/2     Summer 89
     Douglas B-26 ops n Korean War CP cov PA
     Boeing C-L4-S (bip fltpln) 3v ca Dil
     North American AT-6E (Ranger-powered) PA
     Grumman XF5F hist PD A
     US Army ac lend-leased to Latin America n W2 PA
     Wedell Williams Air Service Corp. air racing hist PA
     Fpkker USA C-2 "Question Mark" endurance flights and air refuelling PA
     Douglas C-1C air refuelling ac PA
     Martin P6M hist PA
     trans-North Atlantic flights 27 May 1919 – 27 May 1939 short hist PA
     Curtiss T-32 Condor 3v
     Hoffman, E.M. "Suzie Bee" (bip m r 1970-76) 6v
Journal AAHS      34/1     Spring 89
     Hall PH-1 formation CP cov
     Douglas TBD-1 4v xs early carrier assignments & mkgs ill PA
     Wedell Williams Air Service Corp. air racing hist PA
     B-17 survivors today Psurv
     Republic XF-91 PA provis 3vs
     USAAC 1st bbg mission n W2 Dec 9 41 crews list PA
     US Army barrage balloons W2 PA
     Fairchild XC-119H PA ca
     USN 1925 trans-Pacific flight PA
     air combat during Pearl Harbor attack PA
     non-stop trans-world flights PA
     B-29s w tail marking V-Square 25 PA

Journal AAHS     33/4     Winter 88
     P-36 CP cov USAAC squadron ops PA
     USAAC 1931 Air Maneuvers PA
     Fairchild Provider (civ C-123) N123 w FAA 6v xs A
     Fokker Netherlands F.T. (fltpln tbbr 1920s) PA 3v
     Fokker Netherlands F.T.2 (fltpln tbbr 20s) 3v PA
     Fokker Netherlands Type F.W. (fltpln trans) 3v
     Fokker Netherlands Special Seaplane (long distance fltpln) 3v
     South Wemouth NAS blimp ops and after PA
     HC-1 (USN heli sqdn) hist PA
     HAL-3 (USN heli sqdn) hist PA pro insig Dil
     Wedell Williams Air Service Corp. 1932 air racing hist PA

Journal AAHS      33/3     Fall  88
     P-51D racer #5 N7715C "Miss R.J." 4v xs
     Arthur M. Peters (US Pan American Clipper pilot) mem bio PA
     Boeing 314 CP cov PA 3v ca
     B-29 – why developed PA
     Wright R-3350 engine – why developed A
     Northrop Snark gmiss hist PA 3v
     Northrop MX-775B Boojum (SS gmis proj) 3v A
     DC-2 "Uiver" on poles n Australia PA
     Travel Air biplanes hist PA
     Wedell-Williams Air Service Corp. 1929 races & exposition hist PA
     Miller "Time Flies" 4v

Journal AAHS     33/2     Summer 88
     Waco QCF-2 3v xs
     Travel Air biplanes hist PA
     Project Green redeply of US troops to US after VE Day PA
     B-52 hist PA
     Wedell Williams Air Service Corp. the racers hist PA
     Wedell-Williams Model 45 r 5v
     Reg Robbins Racer 1932-34 5v
     Wedell-Williams P-34 propo 5v
     Wedell-Williams modified Vega (mid w, ret lg) proj 3v A
     Thomas Jerome Hudner (USMC MOH winner) 2v A
     F4U-4 of Hudner 2v A
     RR Merlin engines in racers PA
     parachute training jumping towers n US & Russia PA
     F-86D stuck tail problem P Dil A
     Fairchild civ AT-21 civ PA corr
     SAC annual bombing and nav competitions 1948 – 85 hist PA
     F4B-4 w VF-9M (USMC) 4v Dil

Journal AAHS      33/1     Spring 88
     Travel Air 2000 3v PA
     Travel Air hist PA
     Vultee Model XC1031 3v A
     Vultee XP1015 (2e ftr proj) 3v A
     Martin XB-26H tandem l.g. test ac PA
     early US heli hist PA
     USAF bases 1947 – 1987 hist PA maps
     Wedell-Williams Air Service Corp racers PA
     Wedell-Williams Model 44 PDA ca Dil 5v
     Wittman "Chief Oshkosh" 6v

Journal AAHS      32/4     Winter 87
     Wedell-Williams Designs PA
     ‘’ We Will   PA
     '' We-Winc PA pro
     ''  Model 22 PA
     ''  Model 44 PA 6v
     Delgado Flash PA
     George R. Graf (US) WW2 radio operator mem PA
     USAF bases 1947 – 1987 PA maps
     Hump flying ops n WW2 PA
     14th Sqdn n China (foreign volunteers n China AF) PA
     airship ops n USN PDA
     ‘’ USS Akron . . . USS Macon . . . PDA . . . USS Shennandoah PA
     Stearman C3R NC799H rest hist CPDA
     Fiat CR 32 ca

Journal AAHS      32/3     Fall 87
     Fairchild XAT-13 hist PA
     ‘’ AT-21 hist PA
     KC-135 hist 3v PA
     Wedell Williams Air Service Corp hist PA
     Jimmy Wedell bio PA
     Gruman gun turret hist PDA
     357th FG n Operation Market Garden PA
     early US als 1926 – 41 accidents list hist PA
     Wee Bee hist PDA
     Wee Bee repli 3v PA
     Great Lakes 2T-1 Trainer ca

Journal AAHS      32/2     Summer 87

     Stratocruiser w Americal Overseas Al CP cov
     Fairchild Model 91 Amphibi9an PA D 3v ca
     ‘’ Model T-943 (2e amphib propo) 3v Ca A
     Gordon P. Saville (US) bio PA
     Douglas Ac 1925-60 mem PA
     Boeing 314 t-Atlantic service PDA
     US Als in late 30s/early 40s surv PA
     US Als at end of 1941 Asurv PA
     Martin MBT/MT hist PA
     ‘’ MB-2 3v

Journal AAHS      32/1     Spring 87
     DC-3 Sky Sleeper ops w early als PA D
     Martin 130 w Pan Am flt desc A
     small US al ops b4 W2 PA
     Carl Ben Eielson (US) bio PA
     B-17 flying n combat mem PA
     aircrew armor hist PA
     Curtiss XO-18 hist ops PA
     ‘’ L01 hist ops PA
     P-47 survivors n US PA
     Brewster SBA-1 hist PA
     ‘’ SB2A hist PDA
     Amphibions Privateer 3v

Journal AAHS      31/4     Winter 86
     Stinson SR-5 Cil 3v CA
     Kellett Model K-4 (autog) 3v
     Harriman Motors (US) PA & ac designs P)A
     Santa Fe Skyway (US al) hist PA pro
     Walter T. Varney (US) bio PA
     Harold R. Harris (US) mem of 60 yrs n aviation PA
     Franklin Sport (US lt bip) PA
     Ryan Spirit of St. Louis prop spinner PA
     early US airlines hist PA
     DC-2 interior PD
     101st Sqdn. Mass ANG
     F-102 loss of 56-1326 PA

Journal AAHS      31/3     Fall 86
     early US airliners surv PA
     US Army ac inventory in 1940 PA
     Shell Oil Co ac ops n Ecuador 1937-50 PA
     stations where USAAF personnel served in England in WW2 PA
     VB-7 n WW2
     Fokker F-10 crash that killed Rockne PD A
     Waco Model A 3v

Journal AAHS     31/2    Summer   86
     F4D test ac CP cov PA D inviv hist
     Shell Co. ac ops n Ecuador PA
     Pan Am early hist PA
     N.Y.R.B.A. al early hist PA
     Standard Al hist PA
     Transcontinental Air Transport his PA
     Boeing Air Transport ehist PA
     Western Express hist PA
     Eastern Air Transport early hist PA
     United Al early hist PA
     US Army Air Service organization mid-Nov 1921 PA
     DC-3 hist PDA
     last 13th AF mission n WW2 PA
     USAAF bases n England n WW2 PA
     civ C-141 demonstrator P
     National Airways System Air King (US spt bip) P
     Delgado Maid (racer) P
     C-82 civ n Mexico P
     Great Lakes XSG-1 P

Journal AAHS      31/1     Spring 86
     TBM CP cov
     Martin China Clipper ops PDA ca
     4105 AAF Base Unit hist PA
     DC-3 hist PDA
     floatplanes flyboats & amphibs n Alaska surv PA
     early US als PDA
     Boeing Model 80 interior PD A
     Consolidated PT-1 3v
     DC-5 n Australia cert of airworthiness PA
     Civil AAF flight training schools n US n W2 A


Journal AAHS      30/4     Winter  85
     DC-3 hist CP cov PA
     DC-2 interior PD
     early US als hist PA
     Henry Talmage Elrod (USMC pilot) bio PA
     F4F 3v and BuNos of those at Wake
     Kettering-General Motors A-1 prop-powered guided missle PD A
     Fleetwings XBQ-1 (2e trilg gmiss proto) PA
     Interstate TDR-1 (2e trilg gmis) PA
     Hughes HK-4 Howard Hughes’ efforts to preserve it PA
     Boeing Stratocruiser ops w Israel AF PA indiv ac dispos
     Curtiss AT-9 p
     Autogiro Company of America PA-18 3v

Journal AAHS     30/3     Fall  85
     Thunderbird Field, AZ trng ops n W2 PA
     Falcon Field, AZ trng ops n W2 PA
     Rudy Belarski (US aviation illustrator) il PA
     Convair R4Y ops n USN 1st 30 years PA indiv ac hist/dispos
     Raymond Larry Knight (US MON winner) PA bio
     Jan 14, 1945 USAAF ETO combat losses n 357th F.G. PA
     Seversky ac flown n Japan PA
     Charles D. Koch (US) bio PA
     Consolidated Model 21 (2s bip) 3v

Journal AAHS     30/2     Summer 85
     Douglas F4D operational colors & mkgs PA Dil
     P-51 ops n Korean War PA
     Harold O. Christensen (US B-24 gunner) war incident n W2 mem PA
     Curtiss racers hist PA
     Los Angeles Eastside Airport hist PA
     Brewster Aeronautical Corp. hist PA
     First American Aerial Derby mem PA
     NAS Lakehurst, NJ hist PA
     USMC ops n Nicaragua 1927 PA
     Curtisss-Wright Commuter (bip amphib ltpln) 3v

Journal AAHS     30/1     Spring 85
     Lockheed Lodestar w Alaska Star Al CP cov
     coping with night harassment Po-2s n Korea PA pros
     Polikarpov Po-2 pros
     Waco 3-view drawings PA 3v
     Waco 9 3v
     Waco 10 3v
     Waco ASO
     Waco ATO (1929) 3v
     Waco "125" (1929 bip) 3v
     Waco WHD-A
     Waco S3HD 3v
     Waco ODC 3v
     Waco UKC 3v
     Waco CJC 3v
     Waco UOC 3v
     Waco UKS 3v
     Waco YOC-6 3v
     Waco ZGC-6 3v
     Waco UKS-7 3v
     Waco ARE 3v
     Waco CG-13 3v
     Douglas A-4 ops w New Zealand AF PA
     Frank Luke’s watch n the USAF Mus PA
     Travel Air 5000 "Woolaroc" PA
     Aviation Hall of Fame n New Jersey PA
     Moffett Field mem PA
     ERCO hist (maker of Ercoupe and gun turrets) PDA
     Erco gun turrets hist PDA Dil
     early non-rigid airshops 1898-1915 PA
     airline timetables hist il A
     Republic RB-43A nosed over PA
     Pitcairn Fleetwing (5s passenger bip) 3v

Journal AAHS      29/4     Winter 84
     F4B-2 3v
     Loening monoplanes 3v PA
     Loening M-2 "Kitten"
     DC-2 n London-Melbourne Race PDA
     DC-2 "Uiver 2" 50th Anniv flight PA
     night maintenance during Reno races PA
     19th B.G. B-17 ops
     Beech Staggerwing hist CP cov PA
     Cessna racing ops n 30s PA
     Nathan Green Gordon (USN pilot MOH winner) bio PA
     PBY of Gordon P pro
     Wright Bros. photography during their research PA
     Aerial Service Corp Mercury Jr. (3s spt bip) 3v

Journal AAHS      29/3     Fall 84
     Curtiss Aerial Yacht of Jack Vila PDA
     Curtiss A-3 Falcon ca Dil
     William de Leftwich Dodge (US artist) bio PA il
     Zensaku Asuma (US) Travel Air flying n Japan
     Maj. Louis Sebille (US Korean War F-51 pilot) bio PA
     B-17s of 91st B.G. names and serials PA
     Gee Bee Ascender (canard ltpln) 3v PA
     F-102 ops n Europe PA tails il
     DC-3 Who Really Gave Us The? PD A
     Waco Co. hist PA
     Douglas XO2D-1 PA 5v ca Dil
     Buhl Verville CA-3 Airster (3s bip ltpln) 3v

Journal AAHS     29/2     Summer 1984
     Curtiss P-40B CP cov
     Sikorsky S-42 vs Short S.23 comparison PA
     Sikorsky S-42 PD ca
     Fokker F-10A TWA crash PD
     Douglas DC-5 PDA 3v
     Vultee Vanguard PA 3v xs Dil
     F-102 56-1163 indiv ac hist PA
     Pan American Air Ferries PA
     forest of St. Cloud, France memorial to Lafayette Escadrille PA
     Columbia XJL hist PA 3v
     20th Pursuit Sqdn ops n Phillipines May-Dec 41 PA
     Travel Air Mystery Ship corrections 3v PD Dil

Journal AAHS     29/1     Spring 84
     Northrop XP-56 rest PA
     366th F.G. ops n W2 PA
     Fairchild F.91 (1e mono amphib) PA ca
     P-51s passing through Lockheed refurb facility DA
     Belmont Park airport and flying ops PA
     Ruth Nichols (US) bio PA
     Lockheed Vega of Ruth Nichols 6v xs
     Waco U1C of William Randolph Hearst Corp PA
     Dr. Eberhard Rees (Germ rocket scientist) bio PA
     Lockheed Constellation hist PD ca 3v
     Lockheed 1049D Constellation 3v PA
     Lockheed 1649A "Starliner" ca PA
     NAS Moffett Field hist PA
     8th AF P-51 ops n Nov 1944 PA
     Wittman "Chief Oshkosk" 5v
     Chewing Gum Field Air Mus n Australia PA corr

Journal AAHS    28/3-4    Fall-Winter   83
     VR-21 hist PDA
     Fokker F-10A crash that killed Rockne PDA
     Americans n Allied Service n WWI PA
     Lockheed Constellation CPA Dil
     ‘’ XB-30 3v A
     Lillie-Vought Biplane PA 3v
     US mili ac n Siam 1934 – 1940 PA
     USS Intrepid Mus PA
     366th FG n WW2 hist PA
     13 Black Cats movie fliers PA
     DC-1 update corr A
     LB-30 of Confed AF P corr
     Wittman Chief Oshkosh (racer) 5v

Journal AAHS      28/2     Sum 83
     Curtiss Vs Wright early ac development PDA
     problems with recording oral history
     Operation Sun-Run RF-101 speed record PA
     DC-1 50th Anniv hist PDA 3v xs ca Dil
     Harriet Quimby, what killed her Pbio A
     Bell XP-77 design origin PA
     Davis Monthan AFB boneyard ops PA
     John R. "Killer" Kane war dia PA
     98th B.G. raid on Ploesti PA crews
     Jim Warner (radio operator n 30s) bio PA
     American-blt civ ac in Neth East Indies 1935 – 1942 Psurv A
     XB-24N PA corr
     Russell Chambers R-1 "Chambermaid" r 6v

Journal AAHS      28/1     Spring 83
     Balloon trng at NAS Lakehurst PDA
     Underwriters Laboratories Ac & Pilots PA
     how Allies trained American Air Services n WWI PA
     John R. Kane war dia PA
     406th FG hist PA
     VR-21 ops hist PA
     Lawrence B. Sperry last flight PA PA
     Seversky AP-1 3v

Journal AAHS 27/4 Winter 82
     Northrop X-4 CP cov 3v
     T. Claude Ryan obit il A
     Leroy R. Grumman obit il A
     Chinese-American Composite Wing ops PA
     Castle AFB Mus PA
     F-102 53-1816 memorial today & indiv ac hist PA
     John R. "Killer" Kane war dia bio PA
     Harriet Quimby (US pilot) bio PA
     Fairchild FC-2 hist PA 5v ca Dil
     US ftr pilots combat over Pearl Harbor PA
     Travel Air Model R Mystery Ship hist PA
     Air Force Communications Command hist PA
     Nicholas-Beazley mods to Standard bip A 2v
     Curtiss Robn mod (for airfoil testing?) P
     Pete Fernandez obit bio corr P
     Journal AAHS index to Vol 27 1982

Journal AAHS      27/3     Fall 82
     Grumman Widgeon n USCG CP
     Douglas B-19 late war CP
     Nicholas Beazley Ac Co. hist PA    
     ‘’ NB-4 PA 6v . . . NB-8 PA 6v
     ‘’ Swanson Fahlin SF-1 PA
     Royal Dutch/Shell Co av ops in Indonesia 1934 – 83
     PA indiv ac hist
     Johnny Crowell (US) PA bio
     Brown Cycloplane (ground trnr) PA mem
     ‘’ California Cub PA mem
     ‘’ L-2S Brownie ill 3v A mem
     Miles & Atwood racer PA mem
     Brown Ac Co hist PA mem
     ‘’ B-2 (racer) PA . . . B-3 mem PA
     John R. Kane war dia PA
     P-12D w P-12E tail P
     General Mailplane (US bip) P
     P-51H w ANG P
     B-29 nose art CPA

Journal AAHS      27/2     Summer 82
     Stearman 4 series PDA
     Nicholas Beazley Ac Co hist PA
     ‘’ NB-3 PDA 5v
     Lockheed XP-58 CPD A 3v ca
     Consolidated Model 31/XP4Y-1 PDA
     F-94 n combat PD A

 Journal AAHS      27/1     Spring 82
     P-47D-20 n Champlin Ftr Mus rest CPA
     NAS Lakehurst 1921 – 41 PA
     early USN guided missile experiments PA
     ‘’ Curtiss N2C-2 drone PA . . . Great Lakes TG-2 assault drone PA . . .
     ‘’ Interstate TDR-1 assault drone Il A . . . USN Bu Ordinance Bat PA . . .
     ‘’ BuAer Lark PA
     Larry Bell Mus PA
     Nicholas Beazley Ac Co hist PA
     ‘’ NB-1 (2s bip) PA 5v xs
     ‘’ NB-2 (2s bip) PD A 5v xs
     Bell XP-39E hist PDA prep 3v xs
     C-119 w top fust jet for forest fbbg n US P
     Spartan Executive proto P
     Le Pere camouflage on JN-4 PA ill corr
     P-51s w tail mods PA corr
     18th HG Sqdn insig PA il
     ALL Cil 307th BG(H) WWII . . . 390th BS . . . 391st BS . . . 392nd BS . . . 424th BS

 Journal AAHS      26/4     Winter 81
     A.K. Longren (US) bio & designs PA
     ‘’ Topeka I … Model AK … D-2 … Model G …H … H-2
     ‘’ Bus … 2nd design . . . 3rd design . . . Sport . . . bip w exp Martin eng P
     W.D. Billy Parker bio PA
     Consolidated C-109 PDA
     Curtiss NC boat design & construction PDA 4v
     Charles Lindbergh bio PA
     Bell XP-77 PDA 3v
     collecting uniform wings PA
     LB-30 of Continental Can P
     A-36 civ of Hogan Flying Service P
     Fleet 16 airshow ac of Bernadine L. Kay
     Northrop F-15 P
     INDEX to 1981 JAS
     insignia ALL Cill 345th BG . . . 498th BS . . . 499th BS . . . 500th BS . . . 501st BS

Journal AAHS      26/3     Fall 81
     Sikorsky S-43 PDA indiv ac hist
     David Hatfield (US) PA bio
     Mason M. Patrick (US) PA bio
     mil ac handbooks hist PA
     First Air Depot France PA
     Basil Rowe & West Indian Aerial Express Al PA
     P-51H Mass ANG P
     WB-66 crash landing PA
     insignia – ALL Cill
     388th BG 600th BS 602nd BS 603rd BS

Journal AAHS     26/2     Summer 81
     Douglas F4D Skyray colors, mkgs, insignia PA Dil
     Northrop F-5E 72-01394 rush repair & rest for static display PA
     William Van Lear Black (US millionare) advancement of Dutch civil av bio A
     A. Francis Arcier (Eng-born US av engineer) bio PA
     John Wise plan for trans-Atlantic balloon flight PA il
     Boeing F-13 (recon B-29) PDA serials
     Lockheed Alcor lake bed crash PA
     F-86 w US Army P A corr
     P-51 civ N7373E P
     combat cargo groups short hist & insig Cil A

Journal AAHS      26/1     Spr 81
     early air exploration of Antarctica PA
     ‘’ Ford Trimotor Northrop Gama
     B-25 civ n Argentina PA
     Keith Rider R-6 PDA 3v of ’38 & ’39 mods xs
     ‘’ orig 1934 propo 3v A
     XP-46 PA
     Nixon "Special (1s 1s bip US 1924) PDA
     Lakehurst, NJ Naval Air Demonst 1924 PDA
     Miles Mohawk 3v PDA
     Seversky SEV-3 n Spain PA
     Laird Speedwing of A. Seveersky P
     dates of 1st flts of US ac during 1956 A
     Dewey McCabe 1915 ac designs (US) PA
     Keystone XHB-1 3v A
     General 107 Mailbplane (US sesqui 1930) P
     Spartan Executive of LAPE Spain al PA
     90th BG insig Cil A



Journal AAHS      25/4     Winter 80
     Grumman OA-9 CP cov
     Boston-Main Airways (US) PA il
     ‘’ Stinson hw Trimotor P
     ‘’ Lockheed 10 PA interior PD
     Northeast Al (US) PA
     ‘’ DC-3 n military paint w Northeast logo PA
     Central Vermont Airways A
     Convair YC-131C turboliners PDA
     Curtiss A-12 w 18th Pursuit Group pro A
     P-26A w 18th P.G.  pro A
     Francis Gabreski bio PA
     Robert S. Johnson bio PA
     Hubert Zemke bio PA
     Walker Mahurin bio PA
     Fred Christenson bio PA
     INDEX JAAHS for Volume 25
     Carrier Air Group 15 insig Cil A
     navigation n 1926 Ford Reliability Tour PA
     ‘’ Travel Air J-4   PDA
     raid on Dragon’s Jaw, Vietnam War PA
     California Aero Co. Lark 95 (lw trilg ltpln) PDA
     Waco founding years w Clayton Brunker PA Psurv
     ‘’ ATO PA 3v xs
     Advance Ac Corp PA
     Dave Fox (US) bio PA
     C-130 w NASA Earth Survey P . . . CH-47 w Firebee P
     T-33 USMC P . . . C-117A P
     Baldwin Red Devil or Honolulu Skylark (US pre W1 pus) PA
     Curtiss Courtney (bip lt flybt) PA . . . dit Cyclone Falcon civ PA

Journal AAHS      25/3     Fall 80
     SB2C all yellow CP cov
     Aeromarine Airways designs hist PA
     Mexican Naval Aviation 1917 – 79 ac flown Psurv A
     Will D. Billy Parker bio PA
     Parker tractor mono PA . . . dit pushers PA
     Star Cavalier PA
     North American NA-68 (P-64) seizure PA
     ‘’ NA-69 (T-6) seisure from Thai AF shipment
     Douglas R6D Liftmaster individ ac hists PA
     P-51H n service PDA 6v xs
     P-51 protos PDA
     Martin B-26 indiv hists 3v PDA
     Miller HM-1 Time Flies PA corr
     Keystone XLB-6 PA corr
     51st FG early hist A and insig Cill

Journal AAHS      25/2     Summer 80
     P-51H CP cov
     how to view and interpret history A
     Spartan Executive CP C3v PA indiv ac hist
     Douglas C-74 3v PA indiv hist
     Huffman Prairie airfie,d, Daton, OH PA map
     Keystone Patrician PDA
     Fred Graveline (US) bio PA
     380th BG hist & insig Cill PA

Journal AAHS     25/1     Spring   80
     Lockheed Vegas n southeqastern Alaska Cil PA
     C-121A n USAF & civ service PA
     Curtiss Hawk 81 PA
     Stearman C3MB of Ross Hadley PA
     Beech Staggerwing of Ross Hadley PA
     USS Los Angeles dirigible decommission PDA
     F-86 ops w So African AF n Korean War PA
     Hurricane Hunters of USAF & USN PA
     Formula 1 racer surv PA
     50th Anniv flt of Southern Cross PA 3v D
     ‘’ Fokker Souther Cross PDA
     ‘’ Cessna 340 PDA
     B-29 longest mission flown PA
     Lockheed 10 of Sir Hubert Wilkins PA corr
     F-86 n USN PA corr
     20th Bomber Command markings Cill A

Journal AAHS      24/4     Winter 79
     Vought-Sikorsky VS-44 of Avalon Air Transport CP cov
     Sikorsky flying boats hist, surv PA
     ‘’ S-40 3v PA … dit S-42 3v PA ca . . . S-43 3v PA ca
     P2V ac carrier borne nuclear bby PA . . . P2V-3
     Col. John A. Macready death 1887-1979 (US) PA
     Hamilton AFB 1931 – 1950 PA
     lighting cockpits PDA
     Harry Lyon & Fokker Southern Cross PDA
     Bill McMahon (US) bio PA
     ‘’ Alexander Ac Gray Goose PA
     ‘’ Mooney Flivver PA
     T-6 n French service PA 3v pros D
     B-17F & G in 8th AF stats, "Boops" P
     film guide to air war n South East Asia A
     North American CB-25J P
     Stinson OY-2 *USMC) P
     TF-86 PA
     Piper J-3 on floats P
     Martin PBM-3S PA
     Douglas JD-1 (A-26) P
     Curtiss O-52 PA
     AT-6B n Mexico AF PA corr
     North American NA-22 (primary trnr) proto P
     ‘’ NA-16M w trilg n Sweden AF PA
     INDEX for JAAHS volume 24 1979

Journal AAHS      24/3     Fall 79
     Stinson A trimotor Cill cov
     lighter than air flight in US 1784 – 1910 PA
     Granville Bros. hist & ac surv PA
     ‘’ Gee Bee R-3 3v PA
     B-17F & G ops w 8th AF Aug 42 – May 45 stats PA
     Martin MB-2 ops n uS 1920-21 3v PDA
     Curtiss NBS-1 PA
     Delta Al hist PA ac surv
     F4B-4 last surviving PA Cil

Journal AAHS      24/2     Summer 79

     North American XB-28 PDA 3v
     ‘’ ‘’ training ac survey PA
     " AT-6A/SNJ-3 PDA
     ‘’ ‘’ chronology of first flights PA
     Lammot DuPont Aeronautical Collection of Negatives PA
     Rider R-3 at Bradley Air Mus PA
     Bellanca Liberty flights PA
     Otto Hillig (US) bio PA
     Holgeer Hoiriis bio PA
     F4D Skyray PDA
     Dick Grace (US) transPacific attempt PA
     Waterhouse Cruzair PA 4v
     Curtiss NC-4 transAtlantic flight 3v PA
     F-105 192nd TFS noseart PA

Journal AAHS      24/1     Spring 79
     XF2Y CP cov A 3v PD
     Dallin Aerial Surveys Co. PA
     B-36 early ops PDA
     7th Bomb Wing B-36 ops
     the aero collector (types of collecting) PA
     AT-6 spotter ops n Korean War PA
     military ac displays in California PA
     Martin B-26 in MTO mkgs PDA
     42nd Bomb Wing (B-26, MTO) PA
     airline baggage labels PA
     F-86H w USN P
     Edo XSOE-1 P
     Fairchild C-82 w United Al P
     Grumman Goose w Catalina Al P
     North American AJ-2P P
     Howard GH-3 (USN DGA-15) P
     Fairchild YC-119K P

Journal AAHS      23/4     Winter 78
     Georgia "Tiny" Broadwick (US) bio PA
     Duane Beeson (US) bio PDA
     ANG units and ac PA
     Bird Flight and Aviation PA
     American pilots at Foggia, Italy (WW1) PA
     Los Angeles International Airport hist PA
     North American P-64 3v PA
     Wright Bros. bio PDA
     Wright Flyer No.1 3v PA
     captured WW2 Japanese ac PA
     K-6 air base n Korean War, ac Psur CPA
     INDEX to Journal AAHS Volume 23, 1978

Journal AAHS      23/3     Fall 78
     B-17 civs PA
     CVWR-30 (modern USN combat grp) PA
     Curtiss (Glenn) June Bug rest PD A
     Keith Rider racers hist surv PA
     PBY civ "Guba I" PA
     early air mail  PA
     Curtiss JN-6 used in air mail PD
     37th Fighter Sqdn. hist & ac flown PA
     aeromedical evacuation ac hist ac Psurv A
     McDonnell F2H n Canada service 3v PA
     Berlin Airlift PA
     American pilots in Spain Civil War PA

Journal AAHS      23/2     Summer 78
     FF-1 rest CPA 3v
     transcontinental US air service development PA
     protecting Mekong River convoys in Vietnam PA
     first jet flight in a P-80 PA
     P-43, the last one PDA
     Chanute AFB hist & ac based there PA
     S.E. 5 based w USAAS at Chanute Field P
     Douglas F4D Skyray colors PA
     Lockheed Model 10 Electra CPD A 3v
     Ryan B-1 w Clifford Ball Al & Mayer) PA
     Ryan M-1 w Pacific Air Transport PA
     C-46E PA
     Frank W. Goodale dirigible (US) PA
     Fairchild PT-19A n India n WW2 PA
     Boeing 247 ops w Pennsylvania Al PA

Journal AAHS      23/1     Spring 78

     Boeing 247 rest CPD A
     Elwyn H. Gibbons (US pilot n China) bio & ac flown PA
     making movie Battle Hymn PA
     Dean E. Hess (US) bio PA
     Kellett KD-1 PA
     Kellett YG-1 PA
     P-40E ferry flight PDA 3v
     flight of "Southern Cross" 1928 PA
     trans-USA air service development PA
     McDonnell F-101 Operation Firewall speed record attempt PA
     Curtiss P-36 2v pros

Journal AAHS      22/4     Winter 77
     B-17 borate bbr CP cov
     B-17 n civil service
     F4D PDA pros
     Butler Ames Flying Machine of 1910 PA
     air evacuation of Vietnam A
     Bicentennial ac surv PA
     North Central Al PA
     Beech Staggerwing PA
     forgotten heroes of 1927 surv PA
     Interstate TDR-1 rest PA
     Christmas Bullet PA
     Goodyear GA-22 amphib PA
     Goodyear "Project 400" (1s heli) PA
     Waco Model S PA
     Fairchild XNQ/T-31 PA
     Ryan X-13 PA
     Fokker C-2 "America" 3v Dil
     INDEX to Volume 22 1977
     A-20 cap by Japs PA

Journal AAHS      22/3     Fall 77
     A2D CP cov PA 3v ca
     American pilots in Spain Civil War PA
     Lockheed Orion n Spain Civ War PA
     Oxark Al hist PA
     early air ops n Vietnam War PA
     US military ac and equipment research sources A
      lightplane proposals for wartime roles PA
     The Three Musketeers (early aerobatic group) PA
     USS Los Angeles diri nose stand while moored PA
     US diri Roma PA
     Consolidated Fleetster PA
     Ercoupe (English military test) PA
     Curtiss "Flying Goose" 1916
     Lille-Vought bip P
     Boeing P-26 PA pros

Journal AAHS      22.2     Summer 77
     C-130 n Arctic CP cov PA
     Lockheed Vega rest CP
     Amelia Earhart bio
     Amelia Earhart final flight errors PA
     US Army ac engines through 1915 PA
     Curtiss Tractor PA
     US Army airship designations PA
     Flying Aces Air Circus (civ traveling air show) PA
     Florida Aw PA
     Curtiss Lark w Florida Aw P
     B-25 transports PA ca 3v Dil
     Fokker C-2 PA

Journal AAHS      22/1     Spring 77
     B-25 CP
     Charles Lindbergh return to Minnesota PA
     Curtiss XP-37 PA D 3v
     B.A.T. FK23 Bantam (US) PA
     Brig Young (US) bio PA
     Hodkinson trimotor P
     Bell F-109 dilemma explored PA
     how many planes did the USAAS have in 1917? PA
     Martin R P
     Curtiss C-46 variant w broken nose PA
     Fairchild XNQ/T-31 PD A
     USN and USMC units and ID cods PA
     A6M captured by US PA
     B-25 Japan raid 1942 PA
     P-36 pros

Journal AAHS      21/4     Winter 76
     Republic XF-12 3v PA
     VF-11 (USN ftr unit) hist PA
     Northwest Al hist, ac surv ac numbers & dispos PA il
     forward air controllers n Korean War PA
     National Airways System Air King (US bip 1929) PA
     National Airways System Air Prince (hw mono) A
     National Airways System Monofour (hw) PA
     Aero Club of Long Island PA
     Convair 990 hist al inventories serials & dispositions 3v PA ca
     bicentennial ac surv PA
     Jimmy Doolittle bio PA
     F-4 bicent w VX-4 CP bkcov
     INDEX to Journal AAHS Vol 21 1976

Journal AAHS     21/3     Fall 76
     SBD ops n Battle of Midway PA
     United Al ac lists and dispositions PDA
     USN & USMC unit ID codes PDA
     Wright aircraft 1910 flight mem PA
     P-39 ops n Italy AF PA
     Convair 880 hist PA D provis 3v & 3v ca indiv ac dispos
     Errett Lobran Cord (bio) PA
     USAAS Mexican border control ops 1919 incident PA
     Lockheed P-80 w upward firing machine guns PA

Journal AAHS      21/2     Summer 76
     Air Trails magazine history PA
     cross country flying n 1928 me PA
     August Greth (US) airship flts bio PA
     the search for Leon Klink (US) PA bio
     Lockheed Model 14 hist PA ac dispos D
     rescue by helicopter n early years PA
     PB4Y ops n SoPac PA
     Round Hill Airport (US) PA
     USN & USMC unit ID cods PA
     Stearman bips n China AF PA

Journal AAHS      21/1     Spring 76

     1s aerial voyage n America A
     Byrd North Pole expedition PA
     Western Al hist PDA
     1st American kill in air combat il A
     American pilots n Phillipines 1012-1913 PA
     Piper Cut at war PA
     Consolidated Fleetster P
     Curtiss 18 triplane racers PA
     Curtiss 18T on floats 3v PA
     Handley Page O/400 use in USA after WWI PA
     HP O/400 as 1st true al GEAAF P
     Douglas F4D-1 record flights PA
     Vought-Wright tractor bip PA corr
      Curtiss Jenny w upside down US insig on fuse P
     Martin TT P
     Beachey-Willard bip P
     Curtiss T flybt PA
     L.W.F. 2s bip 1919 PA



Journal AAHS     20/4     Winter 75
JN-4D owned by Lindbeergh PA
Grumman Mallard log of an individual A
Jimmy Hays participation in 1932 Cord Cup race PA
bomb raid on Pardubice, Czech n W2 PA
Sikorsky XPBS/VS-44A PA
99th Fighter Sqdn. n MTO W2 PA
aero stamp collections PA
1927 Dole Race PA
James I Swope (US) W2 carrier pilot sortie PA
F-86 nose art PA
Stearman No. 2 PA

Journal AAHS      20/3     Fall 75
     P-40 captured by Jap PA
     Pearl Harbor raid 1941 PA
     Dole Race 1927 PA
     Miner’s War (US 1921) A
     Bell AH-1 ops n Vietname War PA pros
     Samuel Franklin Cody (US) bio PA
     Corporal Frank Scott (early US flyer) bio PA
     Grumman Mallard PA
     Martin MB-2 PA
     covers of Popular Aviation and Flying PA
     3rd Bomb Group ops n SWPA W2 PA
     US Army fiscal year serial numbers PA
     Travel Air racer PA
     Fokker F.VIIA of Western Air Express PA
     Lockheed Vega w Nevada Al PA
     Back Air Yacht PA
     Curtiss Condor I PA
     Curtiss Condor II PA
     Stinson Model U PA
     Ford Trimotor PA
     Boeing 40A PA
     Fokker F-10A PA
     DC-3 n 3 al liveries P
     Frank Luke bio PA
     SPAD S.XIII 3v

Journal AAHS      20/2     Summer 75
     Bill Lancaster (Australia flyer) bio PA
     Chubbie Miller (Australia flyer) bio PA
     Alexander Bullet PA
     Southern Cross Minor (Australia bip) jP
     481st TFS ops n Vietnam War PA
     captured US pilots cooperating with Japan n W2 PA
     Lindbergh diplomatic flts wi Spirit of St. Oouis PA
     US Army fiscal year serial numbers PA
     Douglas O-38 PA
     Royer Cruzair (US) PA
     DH-4 US-blt P
     US Black pilots in MTO PA
     Saugus Flying Field, Massachusetts PA
     automatic pilot of 1913 PA
     B-26H PA
     Central-Larson XL-101 (US agri ) PA
     Lockheed C-23
     Curtiss-Wright A-19R PA
     Fairey Battle n US colors 1941 PA
     Convair NC-131H PA
     Convair T-29B PA
     Huff-Daland TW-5 PA
     Vought SB2U-1 P
     B-29 nose art PA
     P-40 propossed 2e mod mockup PA

Journal AAHS      20/1     Spring 75
     Col. Samuel Raber (early US flyer) bio PA
     3rd Bomb Grp. USAAC W2 PA
     Curtiss Eagle flying it PA
     ferrying ac through Alaska PA
     Curtiss Iaq Day (early US flyer) bio PA
     Bell AH-1G developments PA
     Boeing Vertol ACH-47A PA
     Kaman UH-2 Tomahawk armed heli proto PA
     US Army fiscal year serial numbers
     Boeing MB-3A PA
     Sperry Messenger PA
     Engineering Division GL-2/G-2 (glider) PA
     US blt DH-4 PA
     Hardwick Air Base (Eng) living near during W2 PA
     North American Av Co goes to war PA
     B-25 production line P
     Goodyear TC-1 (blimp) PA
     F-105 nose art
     Berenard Francis Fisher (US) bio
     F4U-5 of Guy Bordelon PA

Journal AAHS      19/4     Winter 74
     Lindbergh glider flying PA
     VF-96 F-4s shoot down Colonel Toon over Vietnam PA
     making movie 12 O’Clock High PA
     USN flying before WW1 PA
     Wright 30hp engine 2v PA
     Lockheed NT-33A PA
     dirigibles effectiveness n military ops PA
     P-51 civ N13Y hist PA Dil 3v
     Dayton Wright "First Shot" PA
     W.A.S.P. training PA
     Lockheed Model 12 PA
     Fokker Super Universal PA
     Convair 110 proto PA
     Boeing 247D United PA
     Consolidated Fleetster of Condor Al PA
     B-26 n Korean War nose art PA
     YB-17 PA

Journal AAHS      19/3     Fall 74
     Chinese AF 1931 – 1940 and ac flown PA
     The Great Moustrap Play (ftr tactic in final part of W2 n Europe) PA
     Charles Willard (early US flyer) bio PA
     Curtiss Golden Flyer 2v
      Ryan Mechanics Monoplane Company hist PA
     Ryan Mechanics CM-1 Lone Eagle PA
     Federal Ac CM-3 P
     Federal Ac CM-2 P
     Waterhouse Crusair P
     USCG early aviation hist PA
     US intro of star & bar insig PA
     Stinson SM-1 Detroiter PA 3v xs intD
     Stinson ac survey PA
     156th Tac Ftr Grp (F-104) PA
     P-51 nose art PA
     Jefferson Joseph DeBLanc PA
     F4F of DeBlanc 3v
     VF-51 "Screaming Eagles" hist PA
     Curtiss Falcon with Chieftan engine PA
     Emilio Carranza (Mexican long distance flyer) A

 Journal AAHS      19/2     Summer 74
     Curtiss XP-42 PA D 3v xs
     Fairchild utility ac survey PA
     Curtiss SB2C n Italy service PA
     Jarrett Museum of WWI Hist PA
     mission to Gottha, Germ n WWs PA
     11th Aero Sqdn flying ops W1 PA
     North American Aviation co hist PA
     Berliner Joyce first ac P
     Berliner Joyce basic trainer demonstrator P
     F-4 nose art PA
     Major Charles J. Loring bio
     F-80 of Loring pro A
     Beech C-45 n Italy AF P
     Thomas-Morse S4B hist PDA 3v
     AH-1 nose art
     Clark monoplane PA
     C-47 on floats P
     HP O/4000

 Journal AAHS        19/1     Spring 74  
     USAAC/AF defense of Panama 1917-45 ac used list PA
     Colonial Air Transport hist (England) PA
     Ryan ST of Dan Burnett (US) PD A
     B-36 how jet pods extended its service life PA
     Fairchild F-46 (ltpln 1e lw fixed tadr) PDA
     North American SM-64 influence on ac development PA
     transitioning from the M-Farman to Caproni Ca-450 in Italy mem PA
     Charles Hazeltine Hammann (US MOH winner WWI) bio ill
     Casimir Aleu in South America airline crash PA corr
     Macchi M.5 (Italy flybt ftr) 3 v il
     Omer Locklear (US early pilot) bio PA
     Joe Boquel (US early pilot) bio PA
     Christofferson Looping Biplane 3v A
     USN experimental use of green on carrier based F-4s PA

Journal AAHS     18/4     Winter 73
     Grumman AF Guardian PA
     Grumman XTB3F PDA
     Cessna C-7 Gee Bee Senior Sportster PA
     Fokker F-10A w Transamerica Al PA
     F-100 w NASA PA
     TP-51D w Bolivia AF PA
     Waco "Pick-a-Back" mod P
     Vertol YHC-1A P
     Sikorsky S-59 P
     Sikorsky S-50 PA
     Piasecki YH-16A Turbo Transporter PA
     Hughes XH-17 P
     USAAS n Italy n Wwi PA
     Farman Type 1914 P
     S.I.A. 7B (Italy trnr W1) PA
     Caproni Ca.5 (W1) PA
     DC-6B n Portugese AF P
     DC-3 Arax Al P
     Grumman HU-16A n Italy AF P
     USAF tail codes PA
     B-17 ops for Israel 1948 PA
     USAC inventory 1927 PA
     nose art survey – ac of all periods Psur
     Goodyear FG-1 civ PA
     Chinese Air Composit Wing – flying in PA
     Fokker C-2 w Colonial Al P
     Colonial Air Transport hist PA
     Curtiss Lark PA
     Montgomery glider (hang glider) PA
     Curtiss Eagle PA
     INDEX to Journal AAHS volume 18 1973 A

Journal AAHS      18/3     Fall 73

     XF-85 PDA ca 3v
     Art Chester "Goon" PA
     Miller HMj-4 Aerovel PA
     Miller Zeta PA
     Standard J P
     LC-123J P
     C-47 – Calif governor’s transport PA
     446th BG preparation for a bbg mission n ETO PA
     B-36 production PDA
     Doolittle raid on Tokyo 1942 A
     P-38 mission n ETO PA
     XF3F-3 PA
     P4Y pilot mem il PA
     B-25 transport mod PA
     F4U-5N of Guy Bordelon PA pro A
     Col. Charles DeFOrrest Chandler (USAAS flyer) bio PA
     USN ac special colors & markings PA
     XB-1A P
     Douglas B-26 nose art
     USAAC war games in 1930 PA

Journal AAHS      18/2     Summer 73
     commercial flying boat ops PA
     P-51D prior to shipment to Switz 1958 PA
     P-47D-40 n Germ 1949 P
     Thomas Bros. HS Seaplane PA
     Curtiss JN-4 produced n Canada PDA
     T-6 n Africa PA
     raid on Gotha, Germ in W2 PA
     Reno Air Race survey PA
     AT-6C civ 3v
     Mitsubishi J2M Operation "Save-A-Jack" PA
     Frederick William Niedermeyer, Jr. bio PA
     Standard Model E-2 P
     Thomas Huff 4/10 flymod of Burgess Dunn tailles 3v PA
     aerobatics then and now A
     nose art survey – B-29, F-105, Douglas B-26
     Keystone Patrician PA
     Beech Model 34 Twin Quad PA
     Curtiss P-1F P

Journal AAHS      18/1     Spring 73
     Engineering Division XB-1A P
     dirigible Roma PA
     P-63F civ P
     J2F-6 P
     VMF(N)532 ops w F4U PA
     F4U-2 PDA 4v
     aircraft nose art surv B-17, P-38, F-105 PA
     F-105 ops n Germ PA pros
     Jap ac testing & dispositions after W2 PA
     Ford Reliability Air Tours PA
     Waco CRG P
     problems in stydying Polish AF n W2 A
     Gilbert George Budwig (US flyer) bio
     Douglas Super DC-3 w Capital Al PA
     Lockheed F-94B P

Journal AAHS      17/4      Winter 72

     JN-4 blt n Canada PA D 3v Cil
     Curtiss OX-5 engine 2v A
     F-107A  P
     Larson-Homes racer PA
     Constellation L-049 w California-Hawaiian Al PA
     Curtiss-Wright CW-20 P
     F-80A-1 P
     Vought A-7 PA pros tail art
     USAAS border patrol PA
     DH-4 n US 1921
     T-6/SNJ at Reno 1971 PA
     early US air mail PA
     Curtiss HA mail plane P
     Norway AF ops PA
     P-36 n Norway AF P
     Douglas 8A-5 n Norway AF
     Roland Rohlfs (Curtiss test pilot) bio PA
     Curtiss HA PA 3v
     Curtiss Model 18T Wasp 3v PA
     F-84F for France P 2v
     Charles Hampson Grant (US) bio
     JN-4H of LCdr Corry pro A
     Strategic Air Command markings il PA
     INDEX to Journal AAHS Volume 17 1972

 Journal AAHS      17/3     Fall 72
     RF-84F and F-84F n France AF PA pros
     XTB2C-1 PA
     Curtiss Oriole PA
     Great Lakes 2T-1A aerobat mod 1947 P
     McCormick-Romme Umbrellaplane 1911 Ap
     B-36 PDA
     Boeing 314 "Anzac Clipper" PDA
     90th B.G. "Jolly Rogers" PA
     USAAS border patrol 1919-21 PA
     DH-4B n USAAS P
     USN Reserve Air Station, Long Beach, CA PA
     Grumman SF-1 P
     SBC-4 P
     A.E.F. combat airfields and memorials n France PA
     F6F individual ac hists PA
     Edward T. Packer (US model builder) PA
     Cleveland Models Co. hist PA
     P2V n RAF PA
     F4U-2 ops A
     Hawker Siddeley SV-6A Kestrel PA
     Curtis Pitts biplane PA

Journal AAHS      17/2     Summer 72
     Bristol F2B PA 3v D xs ca
     Rolls Royce Falcon III PA 3v D
     US Bristol Fighter program PA
     C-119K n desert camouf P
     Fairchild FC-2 w Clifford Ball Al P
     Sikorsky S-55 w Carson Services P
     C-47 Naval Arctic Research Lab P
     George Conrad Westervelt (US) bio PA
     Nate Saint (US missionary pilot) bio PA
     Count Carl Gustav von Rosen (Sweden) A
     Pazmany PL-1n Taiwan PA
     T-6 ops n Biafra PA
     New York to Toronto Race 1919 PA

Journal AAHS      17/1     Spring 72
     P-26 rest CPA 3v D
     AJ-2 Savage civ PA
     American Jet Industries Super Pinto PA
     SB2C w NACA P
     P-38 ops n North Africa PA
     US insignia yellow surround hist PA
     USAAS attempted trans-Pacific flt n 1924 PA
     DC-1 to DC-3 P surv PA
     William C. Diehl (US early flyer) bio
     USN Reserve Air Station, Long Beach, CA PA
     Curtiss Fledgling P

Journal AAHS      16/4     Winter 71
     Ansaldo S.V.A. 9 PA 3v Dil
     Varney Al PA
     fictional ac mockups for movies PA
     American-built Fokker Ac hist
     Fokker Italy-built CiVE PA
     New York to Toronto Air Race 1919 PA
     PBY ops n SoPac 3v PA xs
     USN Reserve Air Station, Long Beach, CA n 30s PA
     Ryan Flamingo PA
     JN-4 Canuck converted to mono P
     USN & USMC ID letters PA
     RA-5C CP
     INDEX to Journal AAHS Volume 16 1971

Journal AAHS     16/3     Fall 71
     F4U-4 w USNR CP cov
     Fleetwings Sea Bird CPA
     Willis L. Nye obit P
     Curtiss O-1 2v A ca
     Hawker Hurricane ca pro
     bombing cap Germ batships after W1 PA
     Varney Al PA
     XC-99 P
     F-102 w NASA P
     Mooney Mustang Mk.22 w t-tail P
     Cessna U-3A n USN P
     Beech Model 36 QU-22B PA
     B-36 names PA
     American made Fokker ac Psurv PA
     Herbert Hahn (US combat artist) bio PA
     PBY hist PA
     Charles Hampson Grant (US) bio PA
     Dayton-Wright RB-1 PA 3v D
     Southeast Asia air ops PA
     FG-1D P
     C-74 P

Journal AAHS      16/2     Summer 71
     A-6 mkgs n USN & USMC PA pros
     Wheeler Field insignia PA il
     Northrop 2ED P
     Cunningham-Hall Ac Corp hist PA
     Cunningham-Hall PT-6 Doppeldecker 3v PA D
     Cunningham-Hall X-90 PA
     Cunningham-Hall GA-21M PA 3v
     Cunningham-Hall GA-36
     Boeing F4B-1 introduction to fleet PA
     DC-2 PA
     aviation heroes who die essay A
     PBY   PA
     P&W R-1830 Twin Wasp engine PA
     B-36 hist PA
     25th T.F.S. "Assam Dragons" ops with F-4 PA
     Sikorsky S-40 "American Clipper" PA
     FJ-1 Fury PA
     Lockheed Model 14 n Estonia PA
     Fokker V.VII 3/m "Josephine Ford" PA
     F8F N7827C P

Journal AAHS     16/1     Spring 71
     first 59 ac bought by US Army PA
     DC-6A w US Weather Bureau P
     B-26 lineup PA
     B-47 w USN P
     Harold E. Morehouse (US) bio
     PBY hist PA pros
     Lockheed Orion 9D PDA
     Paul Redfern disappearance PA
     Jack Purdy (US P-38 pilot) bio PA
     P-47 markings with 4th FG PA
     SEAsia air ops PA
     Lockheed NC-121D PA
     USAF tail codes PA
     Martin Model TT 3v xs



Journal AAHS     15/4     Winter 70
     A-4 development CPA
     F7U landing P
     KC-130F USMC P
     B-36 devel PA provis 3v ca
     GMB #2 (US 1919) and Round America Flight PA
     Loughhead XL-1 sport bip 3vPDA
     pulp magazine survey PA
     TWA ac flown in 30s surv PA
     Project Yehudi (US W2) PA
     Pratt Read LBE-1 glide bomb PA
     F-100 "Spirit of St. Louis" indiv ac hist PA
     SE Asia air ops PA
     Northrop YC-125 update PA
     Al Krapish Special (US 1930) PA
     F-4 MiG killer PA
     DC-2 usage and dispos PA
     INDEX to Journal AAHS Volume 15 1970

Journal AAHS      15/3     Fall 70
     AD Skyraiders w 849 Sqdn Royal Navy PA 3v
     National Air & Space Mus crisis A
     Silber Hill Mus PA
     NYRA-3B Skywarrior PA
     air racing n Eng during 20s PA
     Parnall Pixie (Eng r) PA
     GMB No. 2 and 1919 Round America Flight PA
     aircraft flown n 30s by airlines that became TWA PA
     Ford Trimotor Who Designed? PA
     missionary flying PA
     SE Asia air ops PA
     Douglas EF-10 PA
     P-51D w 357th FG ETO PA
     T-6/SNJ at Reno Air Races 1969 PA

Journal AAHS      15/2     Summer 70
     Curtiss R-6 PA 4v xs
     Curtiss CR-2 PA
     Curtiss Texas Wildcat PA
     Curtiss Oriole racer mod PA
     Curtiss P-278 racer P
     B-36 carrying B-58 beneath P
     A-20 pilot missions described mem PA ca
     ac flown by predecessors of TWA
     Curtiss B-20 Condor of TAT P
     Bach Air Yacht w West Coast Air Transport P
     Boeing 95 w Western Air Express P
     Boeing 40B-4 w Western Air Express P
     Consolidated Fleetster w TWA PA
     DC-2 w TWA PDA
     DH-4B w Western Air Express A
     1st Me-163 shot down in air combat A
     Richard Halliburton (US author) bio PA
     B-36 on static display Psurv A
     F-84 Psurv
     C-97 civ PA
     AVG n China early ops PA il

Journal AAHS      15/1     Spring 70
     ac flown by airlines that later became TWA PA
     Ford 5AT Trimotor PA
     Lockheed Vega – the second "Winnie Mae" PA
     DHC Caribou w Global Associates P
     EKA-3B P
     Dr. Henry W. Walden (early US aviator) bio PA
     Ithaca Airport hist PA
     Robert Short (US) bio
     Boeing Model 218 PA
     Lockheed Air Express "The Gilmore Lion" P
     Johnson Twin 60 (US) PDA
     Consolidated LB-30 ops n Latin America PA
     RB-57A last op A
     Lockheed Electra and Super Electra n Jap n W2 PA
     DC-3 n Jap W2 PA
     Boeing 377 Stratocruiser PA
     B-36 w B-58 underneath PA
     La Musee De Bleerancourt, France PA
     1st air victory of Korean War PA
     F-4 markings, tails PA il
     Vought Regulus I, piloted mockup PA
     Keystone Trimotor "Voice of the Sky" PA
     Bolivia – attempt to organize AF by Donald Hudston PA il

 Journal AAHS      14/4     Winter 69
     Stratocruiser PA ca 3v indivac hist
     E.A. Poe’s fictional account of t-Atlant balloon crossing PA
     Maupin Black Diamond (US 1912) PA
     early automatic pilot experiments
     Travel Air Model R PA 5v xs
     Researching at Ryan PA
     Ryan M-1 P
     George Preddy bio PA
     parachute made of nylon in W2 recovered PA
     F6F colors & markings surv 2v
     P-51D n RCAF PA 4v pros
     W.A.S.P. hist PA
     CAAC (ChinCom Al) hist PA
     Grumman attack ac surv
     Grumman XSBF PA
     Grumman TBF PA
     Grumman XTB2F PA
     Grumman XTSF A
     Grumman XTB3F A
     Grumman AF-2 PA
     Grumman A-6 PA
     Grumman S-2 variants PA
     Arthur Burr Stone (Australia flyer) A
     P-51 possible use by Germ n W2
     RF-101 ops n SE Asia PA il

Journal AAHS      14/3     Fall 69
     VF-2 hist PA
     Charles K. Hamilton (US balloonist) bio PA 
     Burnelli Co. hist PA
     Remington-Burnelli WB-2 PA
     Schwartz all metal airship system (Germ) PA D
     Curtiss XP-6A PD A
     Travel Air Model R 5v PAD xs
     B-17 use n movie making PA
     B-17s interned n Switz and Sweden A
     F6F colors for Royal Navy 4v Dil
     Northrop F-15A PA
     Harold L. Fischer Jr. (US F-86 pilot n KorWar) PA pro
     F-86 n Korea A
     F-4 combat w MiGs over Vietnam PA
     Junkers F-13 w Imperial Oil PA
     Lockheed Vega w Stanavo
     Merrill "The Pickle" stagger-adjustable bip (US) PA
     1st Aero Sqdn. USAS n W1 PA il

 Journal AAHS      14/2     Summer 69
     Stearman PT-17 of Marion Cole PA
     Cole Brothers airshows hist PA
     Fry Skylark (US STOL) P
     Stinson Reliant of Czech general PA
     Csechoslovakian aviation archives PA
     Thomas-Morse Scouts in movies PA
     Cliff Mauss Airport, Corpus Christi, TX PA
     Travel Air 6000B w Southern Air Transport P
     Curtiss Condor T-2 of Clarence Chamberlin P
     F2F 1 out of sequence BuAer# and Gulf Hawk PA
     making movie Tora Tora Tora PA
     Reno Races 1968 Psurv
     Grumman A-6 PA
     early crop dusting experiments  PA
     Huf f Daland Petrel (US) PA
     F6F color schemes 3v
     Charles F. Willard (US) bio PA
     F-84 survey P
     P-40 n W2 pros
     Great Lakes Menasco-powered bip PA
     Merill C.I.T. 9 adjustable stagger bip PA
     Ben Jones Sport mono PA
     GMB No. 2 Around America flight 1919 P

Journal AAHS      14/1     Sping 69
     86th F.G. mem PA
     P-47 n fictitious Russian mkgs for movies PA
     P-47 post WW2 in Europe PA
     P-51D last op’l example n Europe
     early test pilots PA
     LaPere biplane cockpit P
     Curtiss PW-8
     Billy Mitchell court martial PA
     Framingham Airport (US) PA
     Eagle Brother "Little Chief" (hb 1930) P
     SB2U initial and final dispositions PA
     P-40 n W2 PA
     C.P. Burgess and the Ultimate Airship il A
     FG-1D n USNR) P
     Roger W. Jannus (US) bio PA
     Allan Lockheed bio PA
     Curtiss P-1 cockpits Dil
     Bentley rotary engine (Eng) P
     Wright single-float foatplane P

Journal AAHS      13/4     Winter 68

     Robin Olds address given by A
     USAAC Phillipine air ops before and early in W2 PA
     Fred W. Kelley (US) bio PA
     Western Air Express ac survey PA
     H.L. Farquhar & Beech Staggerwing 1936 Round the World Flight PA
     Ralph H. Upson (US) bio PA
     White New Standard bips PA
     Naval Ac Fact N3N PA
     Pulitzer Air Race mystery PA
     1st Aero Sqdn. USAAS n W1 PA
     Roscoe Turner bio PA
     Boeing FB-5s given to trade schools PA
     Lockheed TO-1 PA
     F6F USMC trng n Hawaii PA
     Stearman C3BM PA
     Curtiss P-1 proto cpit PA
     Curtiss AT-5 cpit P
     Ralph M. Brown (US) bio PA

Journal AAHS       13/3     Fall 68
     ERB-47H P
     P-47 ferry across North Atlantic PA
     National Air Races 1948 PA
     Lindbergh airmail flight PA
     Douglas M-3 cpit P
     1st Air Commando Group ops PA
     Phoebe Fairgrove Omlie (US) bio PA
     B-24 rest PA
     1st Aero Sqdn. USAS PA
     Convair CV-580 w Frontier Al, Central Al pros
     DC-3 with Monarch Al, Challenger Al, Arizona Al pros
     Fred Kelley (US) bio PA
     Douglas M-2 passengere mod PD A
     B-47 PA
     Santos-Dumont airship Number 7 PA
     Georgia "Tiny" Broadwick (US) bio PA
     agricultural flying A
     USN air stations in mid W2 A
     Tony H. Jannus (US) PA bio
     Antonov A.N.T.4 "Land of the Soviets" PA
     Moscow to California flight A

Journal AAHS      13/2     Summer 68
     US air mail service golden anniversary PA
     B-32 devel & ops PA
     Boeing 314 PDA
     flight from Russia to Calif. July 14, 37 PA
     Antonov RD 25-1 PA
     A-1 Skyrader last n service PA
     Grumman Albatross PA
     Curtiss XO2C P
     F8F-1 n 1947 P
     Jacuzzi Bros. monoplanes PA
     North American FJ-1 hist PD A 4v
     Lionel H. DeReamer (US) bio PA
     Viola Gentry (US) bio PA
     aircraft restoration PA
     Slats Rogers (real name Floyd Hurtial – US) bio PA
     Argentina civil ac surv PA
     Grumman Ag-Cat PA

Journal AAHS      13/1     Spring 68
     Douglas DB-7 n French service PA pros Dil 3v
     Albert S. Gaines, Jr. PA bio
     foreign-blt airships n US service PA
     P-51D n Swedish service PA
     Kohler Aviation Corp. (airlines) PA
     Burgess hist
     Burgess twin-motored seaplane 3v PA
     Argentina civil aircraft survey PA
     early turbo-superchargers hist PA il
     N3N civ ag mods PA
     Fleet Model 2 PA 3v PDA
     F4U-1 with contra-props P
     USN ac inventory May 30, 1927 A
     writing naval aviation history A
     Vultee P-66 n China P
     A6M2 cap n China P
     Vought V-326 PA

Journal AAHS      12/4     Winter 67
     Thomas-Morse military racers PA
     Thomas-Morse MB-3 proto PA
     Thomas-Morse MB-6 PA
     Thomas-Morse MB-7 PA
     Thomas-Morse MB-9 PA
     Thomas-Morse MB10 PA
     Thomas-Morse TM-22 PA
     Martinsyde Semi-Quaver (Eng. racer) PA
     P-40 early development
     Joseph L. Cato (US) bio PA
     Verne Carter (US) bio PA
     William C. Beers (US) bio PA
     Pan American Good Will Flight 1926 PA
     Loening OA-1A PA 4v xs
     Unlimited racer survey PA
     Avro early hist PA
     Avro Type D PA
     Avro 504 PA
     Burgess history PA
     Burgess AH-7 PA
     Allied invasion sports il A
     Joseph Montgomery last flight PA
     Louise Thaden (US) bio PA
     Thaden T-4 (US) PA
     Junkers Ju-88 n French service PA pros
     Beech Staggerwing surv PA

Journal AAHS      12/3     Fall 67
     Isoruku Yamamoto intercept PA
     ac at Wilbur Wright Field n WWI PA
     airplane wheel chock hist PA
     Fokker USA ac surv PA
     Thomas Morse MB-4 A 4v xs
     military ops n Java early WW2 A
     Argentina civil ac surv PA
     USN aviation’s first year PA
     Curtiss 1914 flying boat "America" PA
     Curtiss H-19 "Big Fish" PA
     Spitfire IX mod for trans-Atlantic flight PD A
     Parnall Peto (Eng ac) PA

Journal AAHS      12/2     Summer 67
     Pickwick Airways hist PA
     Kenneth Dahlberg (US) bio PA
     TP-40N P
     turbo-supercharger development n 30s PA
     24th Aero Sqdn. Psur PA
     F-4 markings surv PA pros tails
     Argentina civil ac surv Psurv
     Lyman Gilmore Jr. (US) bio PA
     Gilmore 2 pass mono PA 3v
     Solar MS-1 3v PA
     Prudden XM-1 PA
     Prudden TM-1 PA
     lapel and uniform insig PA
     Brown B-3 (racer) PD A
     1st Pursuit Group 1919-1939 survey PA
     Grumman FF-1 PA
     Grumman FF-1 n Nicaragua P

Journal AAHS      12/1     Spring 67
     Curtiss Condor II PA Dil pros
     Curtiss BT-31 bbr ca pro PA
     Walter E. Johnson (US) bio PA
     SBD n French service PA pros
     submarine launched aircraft hist survey PA
     Grumman F3F cpit PD
     Boeing F4B-3 cpit PD
     Douglas A-1 MiG killers PA
     Budd RB-1 PDA ca
     Burton Glider (US) P
     Waco U1C P
     When the US Army Carried the Airmail PA
     Travel Air biplane of Thor Polson P
     Thor Polson (US) bio PA

Journal AAHS      11/4     Winter 66
     Waldo Dean Waterman (US) bio and ac designs PA
     Waterman Gosling racer 3v xs Dil PA
     Boeing "C" Waterman mod PA
     Maj. Pierce McKennon (US) bio PA
     P-51D of McKennon P
     Fokker USA hist & ac surv PA
     Fokker Neth "Southern Cross" PA
     McDonnell FH-1 early ops PA
     SPAD XIII w 147th Aero Sqdn P
     Burgess hist & ac surv PA
     Burgess-Dune Hydro 3v PA
     Burgess-Dunne Model 2 3v A
     Pitcairn-Cierva C-8 (autog) 3v xs A
     Thea Rasche (Germ) PA bio
     P-40 n French service PA pros
     Fahlin SF-1 (US) PA
     P-51D & H w NACA PA

Journal AAHS     11/3     Fall 66
     XP-59A PDA 3v xs
     XP-59 3v A
     FF-1 rest PA 2v Dil
     Wright Bros. early flights A
     Nicholas –Beazley Plymocoupe PDA
     B-52 on Guam PA
     VPML-3 USN pbbr unit PA
     PV-1 PA
     B-26 Pacific ops PA
     Langley Field ac surv PA
     Albree Scout P
     Curtiss S-3 P
     Johns Multoplane P
     ac & mis on disp in museums in US & Canada A

Journal AAHS     11/2     Summer 66
     Fokker USA hist & ac PA
     Aces In a Day n USAAF WW2 PA
     Herschel H. Green PA
     Harry T. Hanna PA
     William J. Hovde PA
     George W. Preddy PA
     Gordon H. McDaniel PA
     Murray J. Shubin PA
     William T. Whisner PA
     Peru aviation pioneers A
     Chile aviation pioneers A
     Charles Wald (US) bio PA
     Cord Meyer (US) bio PA
     Frank Mills (US) bio PA
     EF-80B w NACA P
     F-94B w leading edge gun pods
     Douglas A4D-1P P
     Fokker USA F-32 PDA
     Jupiter balloon flight 1859 PA
     1st Transcontinental Reliability Endurance Race 1919 PA
     early Curtiss ac engines PA

Journal AAHS     11/1     Spring 66
     Curtiss R2C hist PA
     Hawk 75 in French service PDA 5v pros
     Portland, OR to Cleveland Air Race Derby 1929 PA
     Ruth Nichols’ Lockheed Vegas PA
     Boeing B&W 3v PA
     Martin TA 3v(provis) PA
     1st Transcontinental Reliability Air Race A
     American Overseas Al pros A
     Consolidated Model 28 (civ PBY) w American Export Al pro
     Vought-Sikorsky VS-44 w American Export Al pro
     DC-3 w American Export Al pro
     C-54 w American Export Al pro
     Lockheed Constellation w American Export Al pro
     Stratocruiser w American Export Al pro
     P-6E prep A
     Curtiss A-12 prep PD A
     USAAC unit insig 1933-34 PA
     Lockheed T-1A (USN T-33) PA
     Douglas F4D/F-6 Skyray PA
     Douglas B-26 w Cornell Aeronautical Labs PA
     Martin SP-5B Marlin PA



Journal AAHS     10/4     Winter 65
     Pacific Interenational Air Races PA
     Boeing Model 100 of Paul Mantz PA
     Brown B-2 "Miss Los Angeles" PA
     Bucker Jungmeister (YR-PAX) Papana P
     Keith Rider R-6
     Keith Rider R-5 "Elmendorf Spcial" PA
     Chester Jeep P
     Schoenfeld Special "Firecracker" PA
     Seversky SEV-S2 PA
     Travel Air D-4000 of Frank Clarke PA
     Wittman Bonzo P
     Folkerts Foo P
     Chambers Special "Chambermaid" PA
     Presque Isle Air Field (US) PA
     Marcoux-Bromberg number 4 PA
     Turner Laird Special PA
     Burgess hist & P surv PA
     Gordon Bennett Racer P
     William Pierce Gary (US) bio PA
     Gary Hoople (US) PA
     325th FG hist PA
     P-51 ops w 325th FG
     Lockheed Sirius PA 5v xs
     Col. William N. Hensley (US airship advocate) A
     Waco UBF w Texaco pro A
     601st Aircraft Repair Sqdn PA
     Hickham Field hist PA

Journal AAHS     10/3     Fall 65
     325th FG "Checkertails" hist PA
     Martin Clippers hist PA
     Beachey Little Looper A 3v Dil
     Curtiss Reims Racer PA
     1st Aero Sqdn n Mexico PA
     Curtiss JN-3 w 1st Aero Sqdn
     DH-4 American-blt flt to San Antonio to shoot film PA
     DH-4B radiator mods PA
     DH-4B USN and USMC inventory A
     DH-4B n air mail serevice
     first airplane flight n New Zealand  PA
     Richard Pearse (New Zealand) 1st aviator bio PA
     ‘’ 1st ac 4v
     ‘’ 2nd ac PA
     Waldo Waterman (US) bio PA
     Waterman Early Bird (hb) PA
     Waterman Gosling racere PA
     Waco Ten PA
     F-86L on static display hist PA

 Journal AAHS     10/2     Summer 65
     Burgess hist & ac blt Psurv A
     bombing mission to Kavieng, SoPac PA
     Curtiss Lifeboat Plane BT-1 3v PA xs Dil
     C.R. "Sinnie" Sinclair (US) bio PA
     Nieuport 28 PA
     Lucky Bastard Club (WW2 navigators) PA
     USN ship plane units (cat launches from ships)
     Friesley Falcon PA (US)
     Curtiss Shrikes PA pros A
        XA-8 pro A . . XY1A-8 pro A...Y1A-8 3v pro
       A-8A pro A
       YA-10 pro … A-10 pro
       A-12 pro
     Stinson SM-4 "K" PA
     Buhl Airsedan 1929 endurance attempt PA
     Curtiss Carriere Pidgeon (in-flight refuelling plane) PA

Journal AAHS     10/1     Spring 65
     Langley Field 1917 – 1945 hist & ac flown from PA
     Charles Earl Hess (US airship flyer) bio PA
     Harry Barnes 352nd FG P-51 WW2 bio PA
     P-51 3v, devel pros from NA-73X to P-51H
     P-51 series markings Dil
     P-51D 3v xs
     safe ac design competition 1929 PA
     Curtiss Tanager 1929 safe ac design comp entry PA
     Handley Page 1929 safe ac design comp entry PA
     Consolidated Model 14 1929 safe ac design comp entry PA
     Ford-Leigh Safety Wing 1929 safe ac design comp entry PA
     Heraclio Alfaro 1929 safe ac design comp entry PA
     Cunningham-Hall Model X 1929 safe ac design comp entry PA
     McDonnell Doodlebug 1929 safe ac design comp entry PA
     Bourdon B-4 Kittyhawk 1929 safe ac design comp entry PA
     Mercury Ac Corp Schroeder-Wentworth 1929 safe ac design PA
     Taylor C-2 PA
     Martin 167 n French service PA 3v pros
     Bellanca history-making ac survey PA Psurv
     12th Aero Sqdn. obs ops n WW1 hist PA
     Salmson 2A2 w 12th A.S. PA
     Howard racer designs Psurv A
     Boeing F2B-1 PA
     DC-3 Psurv 3v xs
     KC-97G & KC-97J PA

Journal AAHS      9/4     Winter 64

     Boeing 247 PA pros Dil ca 5v xs
     Chriss J. Peterson (US) bio PA
     9th AF n desert war PA
     P-40 n 9th AF PA pros
     endurance flying pilots and planes
     ‘’ Bellanca WB-2 "Columbia"
     ‘’ Stinsom SM-4 "Sally Sovereign"" PA
     ‘’ Stinson SM-1 "Pride of Detroit" PA
     ‘’ Fokker USA C-2A "Question Mark" PA
     ‘’ Bellanka "Green Flash"
     ‘’ Ryan Brougham "Fort Worth"
     " Curtiss Robin "St. Louis Robin"
     ‘’ Curtiss Robin "Ole Miss"
     Bleriot Models II to XII PA
     F4U long range flight January 1946 PA
     Curtiss Robin prep PA
     Enoch Thulin NA Fighter (Sweden)

Journal AAHS      9/3     Fall 64
     forest fire bombing ac surv PA
     early pre-WW1 flybts & fltplns surv PA
     12th Aero Sqdn obs ops WWI PA
     Dorand AR.1 (France) 3v ca xs D
     313th B.W. B-29s PDA
     All American Aviation in flight mail pickup PA
     491st B.G. "Ringmasters"
     B-24 n 491st BG
     Grumman AF-2 Psurv A
     1st Women’s Air Derby 1929 PA
     Fairchild 71 PA

Journal AAHS      9/2     Summer 64
     491st B.G. "Ringmasters" PA
     B-24 w 491st BG PA 3v
     Dixmude loss (France airship) PA
     Old Rifle Range Airport (US) PA
     F-8 Crusader tail mkgs PA
     pre WWI US Army aviation fatalities PA
     Wedell Williams "We Will Jr." PA
     Ralph "Kid" Hofer (US) bio PA
     P-51s n 8th AF Psurv
     American youth flying coast to coast n late 20s PA
     Waco military D variants pros A
     Governor’s Island Aviation School PA
     Boeing PB-1W   PA
     Farman Shorthorn rest PA
     Savoia Marchetti S-56 n US PA

Journal AAHS      9/1     Spring 64
     Eagle Sqdns hist PA
     Harry P. Christofferson (US) bio PA
     Silas Christofferson (US) bio PA
     Christofferson Tractor Biplane PA
     Russell B. North (US) bio PA
     Lockheed Air Express PA 3v xs
     Waco D PA
     Boeing PB-1 (USN B-17) PA
     B-24 pilot mem PA
     Early Birds organization PA
     Lincoln Beachey ballooning activity bio A
     Beachey 80 hp mono 3v xs Dil
     Curtiss F11C PA il
     Ryan FR-1 P

Journal AAHS      8/4     Winter 63
     Ryan FR-1 PA 5v Dil xs
     ‘’ F2R PA 5v xs
     kite balloons from ships PA
     POA fighteer mkgs PA ill
     ‘’ P-51D PA
     ‘’ P-47D & N PA
     P-47 n 8th AF PA
     Sikorsky S-39 PA
     Berlin Airlift PA
     Ford Trimotor rest PD A
     Douglas XO-31 PA pros
     ‘’ O-43 pros
     ‘’ O-46 pros
     Bell P-39 civ "Cobra II at 48 Nat Air Races PA
     Fokker D.VII #50 n Toronto to NY race PA
     O3U-6 mod to target drone w trilg PA

Journal AAHS      8/3     Fall 63
     German jets & rockets and USAAF PA
     ‘’ Ar-234 PA
     ‘’ He-162 PA
     ‘’ Me-163 PDA
     ‘’ Me-262 PA 3v xs D
     Bell P-39 civ "Cobra II" 3v PA
     S.E. 5 Psurv
     JN-4D rest PA
     Douglas O-31 PA
     '’ O-43 PA
     ‘’ O-46 PA

Journal AAHS      8/2     Summer 63
     US presidential ac surv PA
     Bleriot III – XII PA
     ‘’ flying today PA
     ‘’ XI (1910) 3v
     ‘’ misc designs PA
     WWI mono surve PA
     Amelia Earhart loss PA
     Beech Staggerwings PA
     B-17 compared with B-24 PA
     P-38 at war Psurv
     B-29 nose art PA

Journal AAHS      8/1     Spring 63
     John B. Moisant (US) bio PA
     airship-launched ac n US PA
     Boeing 307 PA 3v
     25th Aero Sqdn (US) PA
     S.E.5 n USA PA
     Canadians at the Wright School PA
     Chales C. Witmer (US) bio PA
     Vought bips Psurv
     Douglas PD-1 P
     Martin PM-2 P
     ‘’ P3M P
     Consolidated XPY-1 P
     ‘’ P2Y P
     Mustangs n National Air Races PA
     P-40 RAF desert war tail art PA
     Keystone Commuter PA
     Stinson V-77B USN test late WW2 P
     Dare Variable Camber Monoplane PA
     techniques for illustrating ac il A 

Journal AAHS      7/4     Winter 62
     DH-4s n USMC PA 3v xs D pros
     DH-4 surv PA
     B-29 w 20th AF PA
     Gee Bee racer design & Development ill A
     Ford Trimotor n American Aw service PA
     ‘’ ‘’ n service today PA
     Boeing 707-720 production list A
     DC-8 production list A
     Lockheed L-188 Electra production list A
     PW-9 n US Army PA
     American Aeronautical The Pioneer PA
     Stout ST-1 PA
     B-24 Pacific nose art PA
     Raab Katzenstein RK2C Pelikan (US?) P
     Aeromarine Klemm L-26B P

Journal AAHS      7/3     Fall 62
     B-29 20th AF mkgs PA Ill
     Great Western Air Meet 1910 PA
     J.S. Zerbe multoplane PA
     Antoinette monplane PA
     Farman S.11 PA
     Ago C.II (Germ) PA
     DH-3 PA
     Albatros G.III PA
     Gallaudet D-4 PA
     Central States Monocoupe PA
     Stinson Detroiter SB-1 PA
     Siemens-Waco Model 125 (US) PA
     Ryan Brougham B-1 PA
     The Martin Bomber Era PA
     Martin GMB PA
     ‘’ GMT PA
     Martin (Curtiss built) NBS-1 PA
     Martin MB-2 PA
     American Fighter Aces Association PA
     aviation instruments described PA
     Delag airship ops A
     Consolidated Fleetster PA
     Arcuate Control System PA
     Curtiss-Wright 21 (1e 2s hw push) PA
     F4F civ PA
     Joseph Doerflingere (US) bio PA
     AAHS Negative Library list A
     N3N PDA 4v ca xs

Journal AAHS      7/2     Summer 62
     Marcoux-Bromberg racers R-3 PA 4v
     flying racing seaplanes PA
     DELAG airship ops PDA
     Hartzell-Johnson FC-2 PA
     Laird Swallow PA
     American Waco Six PA
     S.E. 5 American civ PA
     Fokker (Neth civ bip) C-2 PA
     Ansaldo S.V.A.1 US import civ PA
     Thomas-Morse S-4C civ n England
     Swallow Commercial PA
     Boeing PW-9 5v PA
     F-8 Crusader tail markings PA
     Martin 202 PA
     25th Aero Squadron PA
     Lockheed 8D "Miss Stratosphere" PA
     Solbring/Benoist bip rest PA
     Science and Engineering in the History of Aviation A
     A Future for AAHS A

Journal AAHS      7/1     Spring 62
     Sikorsky S-39 PDA 5v Dil ca
     ‘’ S-40 P
     25th Aero Sqdn (US) PA
     S.E. 5a w 25th A.S. PA 4v Dil ca
     Air Force Mus PA
     Curtiss Model HA PA
     aviation instruments described PA
     F4F hist PA
     USS Los Angeles Skyhook ops PA
     Vought UO-1 Skyhook ops PA
     Boeing 707 1st blt for Qantas Al PA
     Catalina w Qantas service PA
     Roderick M. Wright (US) bio PA
     Pitcairn PA-5 Mailwing PA
     Kreider-Reisner Challenger PA
     Fairchild FC-2W PA
     Stearman-designed OX-5-powered Swallow
     Curtiss HS-2L Canadian development PA
     Northrop C-125 foreign civ P
     Thomas-Morse S-4E PA
     Cessna Bobcat on a garage PA
     ANG 1st in-flt refueling mission PA
     J.E. Mais bip PA

Journal AAHS      6/4     Winter 61
     F4F hist PDA 3v pros
     XF4F-1 bip 2v A
     Grumman hist il
     USN radial engine development n 30s PA
     Curtiss HA "Dunkirk Fighter" 3v xs D A
     aircraft instruments described PA
     Boeing 80A cpit P
     ‘’ 247A cpit P
     ‘’ 314 cpit P
     P-12 cpit
     P-26 cpit P
     F4B-4 cpit P
     Fokker F-32 cpit P
     Douglas M-2 cpit P
     DC-1 cpit P
     DC-3 cpit P
     Lockheed Air Express of Frank Hawks PD
     Curtiss Hawks in US Army PA
     ‘’ PW-8 P
     ‘’ P-6E 3vP
     Driggs Dart Model 2 PA
     Stinson Detroiter SM-1 PA
     American Eagle A-1 PA
     Ireland Amphibian PA (US)
     ‘’ N-2-B PA
     Amphibions P-3 Privateer PA
     Curtiss-Wright Junior PA
     Curtiss-Courtney Amphibian PA
     Fairchild 91 PA
     Fleetwings Seabird PA
     Bunyard BAX-3 Sportsman PA
    Vin Fizz repli PA

Journal AAHS      6/3     Fall 61
     USN patrol planes and patrol bbrs Psurv A
     aircraft instruments described PA
     Vought VE-7 rear cpit P
     Orenco PW-3 cpit P
     Thomas-Morse MB-3 cpit P
     Fokker D.VII cpit P
     Martin MB-2 cpit P
     DH-4 cpit P
     Barling Bomber cpit P
     Douglas World Cruiser cpit P
     Boeing 40 cpit P
     Engineering Division PW-1 cpit P
     Ryan Spirit of St. Louis cpit P
     17th P.R. Sqdn PA
     First International Air Race A
     Carrier Task Force tail & wing mkgs ill A
     F-100D "Triple Zilch" hist PA 3v
     Robert G. Fowler (US) bio PA
     George E.A. Hallett (US) bio PA
     Alexander Eaglerock Combo-wing PA
     ‘’ Long Wing PA
     Fokker USA Universal PA
     Fairchild FC-2 PA
     Waco Model 9 PA
     Waco 10 PA
     Buhl CA-5 Air Sedan PA
     Douglas C-1 Transport PA
     DC-3 Psurv PA
     Thomas-Morse blt DH-4 P
     Curtiss N-9 PA
     Sikorsky S-38B PA

Journal AAHS      6/2     Summer 61
     USN catapult-launched ship-board scouts in 30s PA Psurv
     USN 1st Skyhook PA Dil
     Vought UO-1 PA
     Profling Glider (Germ) in US Skyhook trials PA
     Consolidated N2Y n Skyhook exp PA
     Curtiss XF7C Sea Hawk 3v xs D
     transcontinental flt of Cal Rodgers & Vin Fizz PA
     ‘’ Vin Fizz PDA 3v
     Milton H. Korn (US) bio PA
     Lincoln Beachey’s last flight PA
     ‘’ Beachey monoplane PA
     ‘’ ‘’ Little Looper PA
     Martin-Willard bip PA
     Curtiss Hawks n US Army PA Psurv
     P-51 serials PA
     Braley B-1 Beezle Bug (US) PA
     Buhl-Verville Airster PA
     Boeing 40-A PA
     Johnson Twin-60 PA
     Douglas Model O-2 PA
     ‘’ M-2 PA
     ‘’ M-4 PA
     Stratocruiser w Transocian Al PA
     Catron & Fisk triplane (US) PA
     Alexander Eaglerock Cabin Cruiser PA
     Heinz monoplane seaplane PA
     Fort Trimotor 5AT mod w wing mtd engines PA
     Fokker C-5 "Tacoma to Tokyo" PA
     Curtiss PW-8/CO-X raceer mod PA
     Dewoitine D.520 cap by Germ PA
     S.E.5a civ 2-seat PA
     Loeing Air Yacht PA
     PT-17 n Canada on floats PA
     MiG-15 of North Korean defector PA
     WWI aviator reunion PA
     SPAD XIII n Germ 1919 

Journal AAHS      6/1     Spring 61
     Richardson bip (US) P
     USN aviation birth of PA
     Curtiss early hydroaeroplanes 3v PA
     ‘’ Triad PA
     ‘’ A-1 PA
     training the first USN aviator PA
     Phillips Ward Page (US) bio PA
     Clifford L. Webster (US) bio PA
     Marshall E. Reid (US) bio PA
     William E. Scripps (US) bio PA
     Edward A. Stinson (US) bio PA
     Argentina Air Force hist PA
     F.M.deA IA-35-II Hanquero (Argentina) PA
     Avro Lancastrian n Argentina AF PA
     Fiat G.46 n Argentina AF PA
     F.M.DeA. IAe-25 Calquin
     ‘’ IAe-DL-22 "Dele-Dele" PA
     ‘’ IAe-C-3 PA
     Avro Lincoln n Argentina AF PA
     Beech AT-11 n ‘’ PA
     PT-17 cropdusters PA
     N3N crop duster PA
     Bacon Super 61 (mod T-6) PA
     Grumman TBM civ crop duster PA
     Lindbergh air mail flt to Panama PA
     Northrop YC-125 PA
     Fokker wartime serial numbers PA
     Hanriot HD-1 n USN P
     Fokker (Neth) C-5 "Tacoma to Washington" P
     Farman trainer on floats n USN P
     Standard SJ-1 PA
     Super DC-3 PA
     P-51s n USN PA
     P-51s n RCAF PA
     North American BC-1A civ PA
     F4B-4 for National Air Mus PA



Journal AAHS      5/4     Winter 60
    Vought ftrs early hist PA
          ‘’ FU-1 3v PA
     Friedrichshafen Raid (Zeppelins WWI) A
     Breguet WWI floatplane P
     Sopwith Dragon PA
     Boulton & Paul Bourges Mk.1B PA
      Austin Greyhound PA
      German synthetic gunnery trainers n WWI PA
       Army airship ops at Langley Field 1919-22 PA
      US airship Roma PA
      Robbins and Schiefer Pursuit Machine PA 2v ca
      Royal Flying Corps ops at sea n WWI A
      B-25 factory photo survey PA
      Air National Guard in 50s/60s photo survey PA
      Charles Livingston Wiggin *US) bio PA
      Harry M. Jones (US) bio PA
      Marjorie Stinson (US) bio PA
      Bernard L. Whelan (US) bio PA
      Farnum T. Fish (US) bio PA
      ac interned n Sweden during WW2 A
      Douglas Super DC-3 A
      North American BC-1 PA
      15th AF markings PA il
      P-51D n Canada AF serials A

            Journal AAHS      5/3     Fall 60
88th Observation Sqdn. PA
‘’ Salmson 2A-2 3v PA
Bristol F2B Brisfit American built PA
‘’ F2B American developments PA pros
Curtiss O-1 PA pro
U.S.A. XB-1 PA pro
U.S.A. XB-2 PA pro
National Air Museum A
Macmechen-Kamp Airship (English-built American design) PA
airships as ac carriers PA
R.25 airship (England) PA
Sperry Messenger PA
Robert Thelen (Germ) bio PA
ALL bios PA Walter E. Lees (US)
L. Earle Sandt (US)
William E. "Gink" Doherty (US)
Frank Kastory (US)
Joseph M. Pallissard (US)
P-47 fact and P survey PA
Kotscherigen recon bbr Type LR (Russia) P
RCAF serial numbers A
RCAF ac Psurv
Thomas-Morse TM-23 AP
Chase YC-122 civ PA
Curtiss "C" PA
‘’ "K" PA

           Jorunal AAHS      5/2     Summer 60
Goodyear GA Duck/Drake PA 3v
Black Sunday nav error tragedy in SoPac WW2 PA il
American Ac n Uruguay surv P
P-38 fact and Psurv
related air aces n WWI & WW2 A
Sam Cody & 1st plane flight n England PA
Caproni Ca.33 PA
Fokker K-1 PA
Siemens-Shuckert L-1 PA
Siemens-Steffen R-11 PA
Blackburn T.B. PA
Graham-White Genymed (Eng) PA
Union "R" (Germ) PA
Curtiss-Reid Rambler PA
Northrop A-17 mod for airfoil research PA
Waco 10 w OX-5 PA
RCAF serial numbers A
RCAF ac of 30s Psurv
P-51s in civil registry PA
P-51D n Italy AF post WW2 P
‘’ Phillipines AF P
P-38 serials A
F-86F n Korea AF P
Cessna 180 n Phillipines AF P

            Journal AAHS      5/1     Spring 60
Hindenberg airship retrospect PA ca D
National Guard aviation 1940-41 PA
‘’ ac used Psurv
B-17 fact & P surv PA
USAF finishes & markings pro A
USN air navigation charts PA
Gotha G.III PA
Farman F-50 PA
Friedrichchafen V.III PA
Martin MB-1 PA
Harry N. Atwood A
Arch Freeman A
J. William Kabiteki A
DeLloyd Thompson A
Chance M. Vought A
first aerial war casualty A
A-20 production list PA
some origins of military aeronautics A
comparison of ac performance 1913 to 1945 A
air mail plane Psurv
Fokker (Neth) "Southern Cross" PA

             Journal AAHS      4/4     Winter 1959
Capt. Field E. Kindley (US) bio PA
140th Pursuit Sqdn (US) PA
airplane carrying airship first experiment A
early ac armament PA
Japanese international flights of 30s PA
Fokker D.VIII PA
Albatros D.III PA
Sopwith 1 Strutter PA
B-17 production list PA
Phil O. Parmalee bio PA
Howard W. Gill (US) bio A
Katherine Stinson (US) bio A
George W. Beatty (US) bio A
North American ac survey – ALL PA
NA 16 . . . NA 50 . . . BC-2 . . . BT-14
TP-51D . . . AT-6A . . . T-6G
Crane Ornithopter PA
Trans-Florida Aviation Executive Mustang (civ P-51 mod) PA
4th Pursuit Group PA

             Journal AAHS     4/3     Fall 59
Sikorsky S-38 PDA 2v
ac used by Russia in WWI
Anatra (Russia WWI) P
Farman Pusher P
Voisin VI P
Imperial Russian Flying Corps n WWI A
Hawk 75 mod PA
P-36 PA
XP-40 PA
Fokker (Netherlands) Southern Cross PA
Max T. Lillie (US) bio PA
Calbraith P. Rogers (US) bio PA
Andrew Drew (US) bio PA
J. Clifford Turpin (US) bio PA
Oscar A. Brindley (US) bio PA
Howard H. Rinehart (US) bio PA
NATO marking symbols il A

             Journal AAHS     4/2     Summer  59
Pfalz D.XII restoring PA
Pfalz ac surv - ALL PA
barnstorming with Goodyear Wonder Ship blimp PA
Walter Brookins (US) bio PA
Arch Hoxsey (US) bio PA
A.L. Welsch (US) bio PA
Duval LaChapelle (France) bio PA
Ralph Johnstone (US) bio PA
Frank T. Coffin (US) bio PA
Transcontinental Reliability and Endurance Test A
German Naval Airshp L.59 flight to Africa A
P-51 fact and photo surv PA
Monocoupe "Short Wing" of Johnie Livingstone PA
Davis high-wing racer P
Davis high-wing mod to mid-wing P
Sopwith Buffalo PA
Cessna T-37 w US Army PA
Grumman G-32A civ PA
Spitfire XIV racing at Cleveland PA
DeMonge & Weyman experimental ftr (France) PA
Project Arrow – attempt to raise morale at USAF interceptor sqdns A

            Journal AAHS      4/1     Spring 59
XP-38 3v PA
US ac in French Indo-China War PA pros
Lockheed Special of Harold Bromley PA
‘’ Sirius PA
Northrop XP-56 PA
‘’ XP-61E PA
Transcontinental Reliability and Endurance Test 1919 A
USAF Book Program A
Curtiss CO-X P
‘’ PW-8 two seat P
‘’ Thrush P
JA-3 - fictional movie ac used in Chain Lightning
Roland D.VI PA
Stinsom SM-4 "Sally Sovoreign" A
German naval airship L.62 loss A
Curtiss CB PA
‘’ 18B PA
‘’ 18T PA
‘’ HA PA
LaPere LUSAC-11 PA
Loening M-8 PA
L.W.F. G-2 PA
Thomas-Morse MB-2
3rd Pursuit Group (WWI) insig ill A
Aviation Historical Society of New Zealand A

             Journal AAHS    3 / 4     October-December  58
Lockheed Vega NR-496M A
Lockheed Vega Branisff crash report A
George Marshall (US early flyer) A
USN aeronautical equipment sale catalog 1921 A
USN non-rigid airships il A D
31st F G early ops A
350th F G early ops A
Antoinette Model I 1908 PA
‘’   ‘’ II ‘’ PA
‘’   ‘’ III 1908 3v D
‘’   ‘’ IV 1909 3v D
University of Miami Vacuplane il A
‘’ Flying Umbrella il A
US Expeditionary Forces participation n WWI n Europe A
Wiley Post / Will Rogers crash A
Seversky ac surv PA
Sopwith Camel development A

             Journal AAHS      3/3     July-September  58
airports now overrun by vegitation A
USN Light Bombing Wing ac surv PA
list of aviation movies and Psurv of movie ac PA
Pitcairn PA-6 in movie Blaze of Noon
Grumman JF-1/2 Duck PA
‘’ J2F PA
Air Museum, Calif A
Curtiss SOC PA 4v Dil
Levy-Besson (France) PA
Dornier RS-II PA
Donnet-Denhaut (France) PA
Oertz Schooner (Germ) PA
Lohner (Germ) PA
Bellanca production list & ac Psurv A
Boston Globe 1910 air meet PA
foreign ac on US civil register n 30s
Dornier Do-200 (Germ captured B-17) A
F9C A cor
ac n Thompson Products Mus A
Goodyear Duck GA series PA
F-86F civ PA
B-17 mounted on the roof of a gas station PA
Chase YC-122 PA

             Journal AAHS      3/2     April-June    58
F9C hist PDA 3v ca
Jap & Germ ac on outdoor exhibit A
how to draw a 3v from a photo ill A
Curtiss S-1 PA
‘’ S-2 PA
‘’ S-3 PA
Longren biplane (US) PA
Sturtevant bip (US) PA
Berkmann bip (US) PA
Lanzius (US) PA
Jagdgeschwader #1 Field Book (Germ WWI) A
Sikorsky S-35 & 1st New York to Paris attempt A
surplus ac at Litchfield Park, AZ A

            Journal AAHS      3/1     January-March  58
skipping characteristics of some flying boats PA
Grumman J4F-2 NACA test hull mod P
Ricktofen’s Fokker Dr. I A
Connecticut Air Craft Co. DN-1 (USN 1st dirigible) A
Dornier Do-200 (Germ captured B-17) A
ac n Museum of Science & Industry (US) P
golden years of flying scrapbook A
B-29 SoPac markings PDA
Vultee V-1A hist PA
crop duster surv PA
‘’ General Motors FM-2 crop duster mod P
New Standard ac on US civil register 1945 A
movie ac in 30s PA
USAAS information circulars A
Northrop XFT 5v xs
Jarrett Museum of WWI Aviation (US) PA
Seversky ac surv PA

            Journal AAHS      2/4     October-December  57
Stearman ac models list A
‘’ XOSS-1 (X85) PA
‘’ PT-18 PA
Spitfire n US colors PA
aviation history essay A
Air Britain A
35 mm slide trading
Monocoupes in USA after WW2 A
Aviation Historical Society of New Zealand A
Curtiss A-8 n 37th Attack Squdn A
Kondor-built Taube PA
Pfalz E.I   PA
Junkers J-7  PA
Brandenburg W-29  PA
Dornier CS-1   PA
Loening M-8 PA
Roland Putbus PA
Fokker E.II PA
USAAC wintere maneuvers 1936 A
Crissy Field (US) A
US civil ac accidents A
English ac n US insignia A
Hindenburg compared with US Army airship TC-14 A
Hollywood movies air sequences A
WWI movies A
world civil ac registration 1st list PA
P-51 sqdn cods, kills, names, pilots’ names A

               Journal AAHS     2/3     July-September  57
USN ac markings PA
US Coast Guard ac names A
Loening M-1 (2s ftr) A
ac on display at Franklin Institute, Phila, PA A
OX-5 Club A
USN ac of 30s data comparison A
Roland D.XVI PA
  ''  dit D.XVII PA
Kondor E. IIIA PA
Siemens D.VI PA
Morane Parasol PA
Morane Saulnier MS-29 PA
Sopwith Schooter PA
Northrop-Vought fighters PA

            Journal AAHS      2/2     April-June   57
1st Korean kill for USAF A
repli Curtiss Pushers PA
USN ac on hand Nov 1, 1919 A
USN ac purchased in fiscal year 1929 – 1932
Curtiss F9C on airship trapeze P
DC-2 w KLM A
Fairchild YA-942-A PA
US Army Air Service ac on order, on hand Apr 6, 1917 to Nov 1919  A
Junkers air mail planes in US service A
JN-4 Jenny Psur A
ac n air mail service n 1936 A
Lockheed Vega’s n Antarctica A
SPAD 13 w 220 HP Wright engine prip A
Brazil civ ac register March 1938 A
Cessna CR-3 r PA
Stinson SM-6000 PA
ac n Museum of Science & Industry, Chicago
Vought VE-7 PA
Canada civ ac registry 1928 A
US civ ac as fake movie warplanes PA
Fokker Y1C-14 P
Consolidated Fleetster P
General Western Meteor P
Lockheed Air Express P
Inland R-400 P
Davis V-3 P
Fairchild 22 C-7B P
Douglas O-43 P
US civ ac accidents A

           Journal AAHS      2/1    Jan-March   57
Lockheed Vega hist PA
DC-5 Jap evaluation of captured example PA
USAAF heavy bbr sqdn code letters A
US ac camouflage & mkgs hist PDA
B-25 w Uruguay AF    PA
Vultee V-11GB w Turkey AF
F4B-4 civ of CAA P
Howard DGA-8 w Cuban Navy P
US civ ac accidents A

Journal AAHS     Number 4     October–December  56
     USAAF-USAF insignia development il A
     early flying n Arctic A
     US civil ac accidents A
     P-12 rest A
     Fleet Air Concentration 1935 A
     WWI ac n US PA
     P Numbers of ac at McCook Field A
     US civil ac op’d on twin floats PA
     Stearman history 1926-1933 A
     ‘’ 4-EM crop duster n Canada P
     ‘’ C-3B PA
     unofficial ac names A
     Vought V-143 A

Journal AAHS     Number 3     July-September    56
     ANG ac post WW2 P surv
     Jimmy Doolittle & 1932 Laird A
     USN ac construction 1923 – 1929 A
     ac purchased by USN in fiscal 1927 A
     Fokker D.VIII official performance results in US
     unofficial ac names A
     DH-4 types w US Army PA
     Curtiss JN-4H w biplane tail P
     Bellanca RE-3 P
     357th F.G.   A
     Boeing ac production ill

Journal AAHS      Number 2      April-June  56
     pre WW2 ANG ac & insig PA
     early air-sea rescue attempt 1
     negative deterioration A
     Vultee V-1 (Russian on floats) jPA
     Lockheed Ventura civ Mexican PA
     ‘’ ‘’ civ mods A
     Lockheed Vega PA
     ‘’ ‘’ #1 "Golden Eagle"
     New Standard D-27 crop duster mod PA
     Curtiss F7F w Reed tandem prop P
     Ford XB-906 P
     357th FG A
     Ryan C-1 A

Journal AAHS       Number 1     Spring 1956
     Lockheed Orion hist PA
     ‘’ UC-85 PA
     Vultee V-1A PA
     Ryan C-1 PA
     Knight Twisters registered n US A
     homebuilt ac registered in Oregon 1930-1940 A

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